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Episode 4 · 1 year ago

What are you looking forward to, after Corona?


Our Intro is based on Quantum Jazz’s piece “Orbiting a distant planet”, published under Creative Commons

The Hosts:

· Michelle, a radio, and podcast host based in Silicon Valley. She is a lawyer by training and has been working in and with many startups, especially fintech and blockchain. Currently she is working for several non-profit organizations and startups. Michelle is the host of the Stanford Radio Show “Laptop Radio (Wednesdays 2-4 PM)”, which is also available as a podcast ( You can learn more about Michelle here:

· Jörn is a podcaster, startup scout and entrepreneur, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a background of more than 12 years of management consulting, with a focus on financial services and capital markets, mainly in Europe. He hosts an English startup podcast, covering the German startup scene ( You can learn more about Jörn “Joe” here:

· Hint: Here is his “Cook Instagram Account”

In this interview you will learn about what both hosts are missing right now and what we should all look forward to, after corona.

In this interview you will learn how tech entrepreneurs turn off their phones, how to be an NFT artist during corona and how a book from Virginia arrived 4 months late in Germany via Cayman Islands.

Here is the Feldberg Jörn refers to

Felix Mendelson Bartholdy days (music festival):

This is a starting why podcast. Here we ask entrepreneurs, actors, investors in the native and artist on the why why they are doing what they are doing, what motivates and drive them and why can't they stop? We will start in five, four, three, two, one A. Guys, hello and welcome to episode number four of the starting why podcast. Together with me I have Michelle here. Hey, hi, you, Den. I'm doing good. How are you? I'm doing amazing years. Such a funny girl. Actually, do you know how tech entrepreneurs turn off their phones? Box? I really get for some reason. I just have notifications and all certain I hear so, which I never did. So I just put in a box this using none digital solutions for digital products, or they're really easy, I see. So less recording we had was before Easter. We met online after Easter, but we didn't do any quarter being. So let's keep our audience up to date and what we've been up to. You want to start? Yes, so I've been doing, you know, lush year. I spent a lot of time with art. So every day I would create an upmented reality, a fact, just, you know, just for my creativity intention. This year I have a different intention, and so I and Nfte, which is non fungiabal token, becomes really hot. So I started monetizing my art, you know, which is which is a revolution, because artists have never done peer to peer buy and sell of their art before. And you know, it's also one of my vision that I mentioned a couple years ago, where we can purchase good so directly from each other using watching technology, and I kind of excited to see that is happening with N oft's. You have such an exciting life. I was just I was just dealing with the normal problems when you start out with the own company, like incorporating and entity, which turns out to be very slow right now in Germany, not only due to corona, but actually I've got some real snail mail. So there is there are several platforms we can do corporate media exchanges with other podcasts and I'm trying to have one on my podcast like every other month. And I was talking to a lawyer in Virginia and he has published a book. It's called morning musings by Richard Vun Henning's what's his name, and actually I was totally surprised that it arrived because we talked before Christmas but it turns out it has a very nice handwritten envelop and somebody wrote on it my address and then Germany, and I didn't realize why it was that light until I saw an additional postage stamp and apparently somebody mistook Germany for Cayman Islands, and so it arrived on Cam and islands on December twenty nine, and then they...

...had to figure out where to the originally go and it arrived here like almost four months late, but I finally arrived. Yeah, that's awesome though. Yeah, it finally arrived, but I'm happy. It took a little bit longer, but it did what it's supposed to do. And besides that, yeah, you know, having a family in terms of corona isn't easy, but I not gonna bother you with all the problems. And everybody would like to know up to in terms of cooking can actually follow my instagram feeding. I think. I think it is understandable because, like during Covid I have only one persons to Mash and you know like three people, including yourself. So you know, I think problems times three. You guys don't get married, please. I'm just kidding. Yeah, he marriage is awesome when you have somebody who actually supports you. Plus having, even though he's very active, a little kid is just amazing. He makes you smile quite a lot. And then also, you know you have people that would eat your food right. Oh yeah, he is. He is not easily convinced by what his mom or I am cooking, but it turns out he gets more and more the same taste, like both of us do. There's some differences, because my wife loves MELLY CHEESE, I don't, and there are some, like other culinary questions were, where there's a big divide in our partnership, but we don't know yet on which side hand our little boy ghost. But besides that, he is really in going himself. So he gets to taste like Indian food, German food, Italian food, American, Itchello American food, so almost everything. I even made that Punte. You know that. I don't know what that is. It's a big chicken plate from Shinang. It's it could be very spicy. It's basically chicken, a lot of very exotic herbs and spouses and its smells amazing. Our NABOR on the same flow, she came over knocking. What are you doing here smells amazing. Wow, that's awesome. Yeah, it's. It's only recipe that I've ever done that requires Black Cardamon, which which is awesome, and gloves and all that stuff. It smells like a mix between a spy store Christmas and baked potatoes. It's awesome. Yeah, that's you're awesome. Great, so I'm a boring guy. Check now, you're not boring. I think you have an awesome life, you know, have an awesome family, you make the best food you know, and every time I check your instagram account, everything he's just lucks really yummy. So I'm excited for you and I think, you know, covid is temporary, right, so, you know, I think it is beginning to open up. So I think it does get better. We're starting to have the vaccines open, like I think after April fifteen, everyone, regardless of the age, could, you know, get one now. So I'm kind of excited for that. You know, I still need to, you know, get mine done, but you know, it's cool. I also need mine being done, hopefully soon. The problems in Europe...

...ditch originally stem from like a lax of vaccines, so they had to go very slow because they didn't have like enough shots for vaccination. But my mom will get one this week. My mother in law will also get one like next week, so apparently the speed is picking up and looking forward to get like my shot at latest in late summer, and we should be all good and celebrating Christmas like normal again. Yeah, yeah, I look. I'm looking forward to more normal like life, hopefully soon. You know, that would be have an interesting question for you. Do you have like a to do list of the things you are going to do when corona is more or less officially over, when you're vaccinated and the majority of like, say, California's vaccinated, and you're permitted to go out, to go on venues to see concerts in person, what are the first things you want to do then? I'm thinking about like burning man. Yeah, I think it might be too late for Coshella, Coshella burning man. You know, I always look forward to those. Those are, you know, some of my top activities, because you go there you learn a lot. You know, think the most important thing that I've learned is really learning how to learn with other people and learning how to collaborate right, things that people don't teach you at school and how to be fair, right, because because I think fairness and working with other people and not trying to take advantage of them. You know, it's really important because I see a lot of that going on. That is, by the way, the main reason the website off my of my podcast is so slow, because I really need a redesign by in ca and all be afforded when I get the sponsor. So I have to wait for sponsor in order to get a faster internet website. The other way around would be I promised somebody to pay him or her and just get the website done again. So yeah, no, I completely agree with you. I'm glad you agree. Should I tell you what I'm looking for? Yeah, pretty sure. Yeah, they're they be, hopefully in late summer. They'll be some classical concerts again around here. There is the area I'm living here, is close to town knows, which is a little bit bigger. Mountain fell back close to Frankfurt. So if you see the the tallest mountain around Frankfort, which is of course not not like the Alps, but it's like less than eight hundred meters high, but it's very nice and it used to be a very, very fancy and popular summer destination. Some of the houses are named after people who stayed there, some people you may know who stayed there, like Felix Mendelson, but holy the classical composer Leo Tolstoy, the Russian Writer, Richard Wagner, the composer, and ends one and Sup forts and like Joan poets and people like this. And basically every year they have a very wonderful, meddlesome but hold the festival outside. But, but I'm afraid this is not going to take place this year. But something like open Air Christmas markets. Oh, I love Christmas markets in Germany. You know what's really unknown to Americans? You can actually drink mald wine in public. I love those. Yeah, yeah, you should come over for Christmas. Yes,...

...yes, like like all the little booth and it smells like, it smells like Christmas candy, mauld wine and fresh Christmas trees or it's so amazing. I'm really looking forward you did, and really going out again. I do believe that that will be the time when, like, most people are vaccinated and like big events are permitted again here in Germany, and then there would be just great. Yeah, yeah, that's awesome. And of course, Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. I Love Oprah, but I cannot go that frequently and I'm not like the guy who went to the opera like two times a week. I'm more the person who went there like every other month. Wait, which is what is your favorite one? Oh, I like. That depends. I like Mozart. So how by flute, the Magic Flute? I also like the more heavy stuff, like Puccini. I would also watch the ring they knee belong, which is like an opera consisting of several opera's feeling like whole evenings. But but that's hard stuff. But basically, I was looking through the program together with my wife and we always decided when we actually could make it. So it was not like, Oh, we love but now we love Mozart, we love Beethoof and we love whatever it's. We are free. Hear. What can we watch our okay, sounds good, awesome. Yeah, that's that's that's a difference when you have a family, right, you know? I. No, I'm just thinking. Ye Know, like, because I like, I like and Cinema. Yeah, I have not a movie and forever. I'm so excited we can actually go to the movie again. Yeah, very some of the things that are so normal to us, you know, you begin to miss it and they just been a was ago outside without wearing a mask. You know, that will be amazing because you know, like when you're hiking and with a mask, oh my gosh, it's so hard because you can't breathe. You know, my knees. Sometimes I hang out with her, you know, she's so so, oh, I can, I can walk with a mass on, and I'm just like really, because I cannot. You know. Yeah, I know how that fears. I'm actually problem for me right now is every time we go out, like not even hiking this for walk, we have to make sure we have some someone to carry our little boy or something to put him on, like a bobby car or something like, like something where you can put it on and pull or push, because otherwise you have to carry him. Yeah, at one point that the little legs are getting tired and then there's nothing in the world you can do to make him move. Yeah, well, hiking again would be great. Oh, like like a two thousand and twenty two vacation again. Oh Yeah, look, occasioning. Yes, actually, two thousand and twenty the the corona outbreak shattered like a big dream of my wife and me. We want to do like a five weeks road trip in the United States, like starting and ending in Denver and basically going around up to the Canadian border, then down to like Tahoe, Salt Lake City and then finishing the circle again now would have been great, but it never happened due to corona crazy. We've been very fortunate that...

...we had the right timing and actually awesome service, like from from the airlines to the company who from which we rented the RV, to the hotels, to the rental car companies. We got like even the last all back so that there was great customer service. HMM, yeah, up, yeah, yeah, I'm excited about just seeing people again, being more to, you know, have lunch and dinner, you know, like and be able to sit down, because here we still cannot go to the Rushawan and sit down. Everything is take out and same here. Everyone basically, I don't think I've even continued to go out yet, and it's like a big mass. You know, you don't really know what's going on. You know, I think you know. I mean I think there's that scenes going on that you know, it's not everywhere. So, yeah, it's been it's been pretty interesting. I hope that I will get better course in the meantime, but I'm looking for, you know, to to cinema, like you said, and operas and hiking without mask and everything else. So, since we already on the possible consequences of Corona, Ye, what do you think will be one of the consequences? Because when I was realizing what corona is, what it could potentially be, and it turned out to be even worse than I imagined, I thought, HMM, I would be pretty scared if I would be a big landlord in like New York City and would have friended like a lot of real estate and then rented it out again. Because I do believe people will at first enjoy going back to the office, but at one point a culture will set in. We basically spend like, let's say, like one day a week in the office. Yeah, and the other time you working from home, work out from home, like all the companies who do this remotely, with an APP, with a Youtube Stream, whatever, twitch, tick talk, Yada, Yada, Yada. I think that they'll keep some of the customers. What else do you think is going to change? Yeah, I think. I think, you know, people are still going to continue to be really ocd about, you know, touching places, and the good thing is, you know, I think we're more conscious, you know, of doorn ups and, you know, touching people, going to restrooms, making sure that you wash your hands, stuff like that. Right. So I think it's just a little bit more clean. Like when you go to the bank, you know, they basically wash the counter every single time they chance to make a chansaction orchans act with a person, you know. So that's going to be really important. I'm looking forward to better like mass you know, whether it's fashionable or functional, like, you know, ones that allow people to Provide Comfort while they conduct the activities that they do. One thing that I'm really concerned about is, you know, this virus is not going to be this is not going to be our first time, right. So if they become more common, we need to be more careful of dumb and hopefully our biological side of you know, the nation its scientists.

They won't really get better at these vaccines and I'm just hoping that that scenes will be, you know, you know that they will be better too because, like again, you know, we really don't know some of the side effects of some of these, and so it's kind of important that we test it out and then we test it out ethically, you know, not using humans to do it. You know what I mean, because, like, who wants to just be doing like a Beta tester, you know, for for these that scenes? So I'm hoping that as we move forward that these will be more tested and that these will be better. And unfortunately, I do believe we can determine the long term impact of a coronaine faction if you've been like really, really sick or almost had no symptoms at all. If there's long term impact, nobody can tell right now. It's basically something the doctors will have to observe over time in the people. So that that may that my print changes for the future as well. HMM. And actually, when you say when he said people will go more OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, I was once on a project together with a good psychologist, she was a business psychologist, and she told me OCD, that's Adrian monk. So basically will all be a little bit more like monk. Hmm, you know that. You know this like TV series. Now I don't watch TV for many years now. I know it sounds super weird, but I have no idea what's going on like on TV because I think it's very time consuming and a lot of people ask me why and how. I'm suprotective. I just know watch TV, so I don't have like really you know, I mean, I guess people enjoy TV and I think that's fine. I just like the other things. So I don't really know what's going on in the TV world. Well, that sounds like I like the most born person in the world just now. Yeah, it's a little bit more or less like me. It turned out, since we have such a lot of streaming offers, we subscribe to view and actually sometimes even my son can watch like firefighters Sam or Firem Fireman Sam, I do believe it's called. He loves that. And when you really tired, like in the evenings, just to come down, we tend to watch like a forty five minutes. Yeah, that's it, and that's approximately my maximum TV consumption, and it's like none, not the linear TV. A few things had a real big impact on like how I could see media. First of them was like the Amazon Fire TV stick, because as soon as I put it in my TV. I was not like one hundred percent reliant on TV, and it turned out with with their streaming services and others, I could basically completely detach from linear TV and there was nothing, ever, that Gat me back to watching normal TV like ever again. Plus, another big change was like getting a smart speaker, and there you can have your Daily News wrap ups and basically that's all the news I need. I don't need to watch it, just just need to listen. They are a lot of very, very good offers out there. You guys may know the Economist, Wall Street Journal, BBC World News and...

...stuff like this. So that that's basically something I listened to almost every day, and that's also something which made me, because I you, when I was a big fan of streaming, I used to watch a little bit like news, German TV news, in the morning, and that I also completely skip that with getting a smart speaker. So I if you would need to reach me by television, you could only do it like getting an apt into streaming service. I don't watch like the LINEAR TV anymore, with a few exceptions, maybe when I watch funny, funny thing American football together with a friend of mine Sunday evenings here in Germany. Maybe you can get me there, but that's a maximum. HMM. Okay, got it. That's awesome. I used to watch pojet runway and and then another avenger type movie, mainly because I like and I don't have TV at homes. If you like, go to a friend's house to watch it. But that made me because I like the leavish leadership skills in the team in the in the series and and you know, like when you're doing startups, you know like having a team and and you know, seeing the leadership dynamics of the team. That's really, really important. So I would watch this. I think it's just I forgots a specific name of it because I haven't seen it for so long, but at least the first episode it's an adventure Morvel kind of kind of movie and everyone is in the spaceship and we had the captain and I thought they captain really made, you know, a really good leader. And then like a different teams have different strains and abilities and you know, but every time there's a there's a team, you really neat leader right to actually move things forward, and I really love the dynamics between you know, how he lead the team. So that's why I would watch it. And then project one way. I just I love fashion, you know, so and I think I like watch most of the episodes of it. And you know, the most interesting part, though, is if you actually, you know, watch genesis piece, which is the first episode of Project One way, you'll see that it was at like a like at a hotel, you know, like at the hall or something, where the model is just like walking up and they didn't really have like a fancy stage like the reason episode. So, you know, like if you're a startup founder and you're basically starting without any sponsors or you know, or just like none of the fancy equipment or the stages, that's okay. You just need to start it, you know, because because you know, once you get started, once people love it, you know, then you have sponsors and things kind of come with that. So and that's why this podcast is called starting. Why? You know, because you know, like who really like how do you start like something perfectly with all the funding, all the sponsor? You don't, you know, and it's I think, you know, projects that succede how their own set of problems. So you might as well just kind of be and live, you know, in it, so so that you can kind of cocreate with with the team or with, you know, like yourself. You're if you know you're creating it. So I thought. I thought it's a pretty good show. The percent of success is showing up. How would you like that? We are now letting all the people think about what we said. We will will come feedback and we will be back for episode number five.

Perfect. Thank you, thank you. Talk to you next time. Bye, bye, bye, bye.

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