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Starting Y

Episode · 1 year ago

Summer Bonus – Things to do this summer – some ideas to earn money, some to spent it …


Our intro is based on Quantum Jazz’s piece “Orbiting a distant planet”, published under Creative Commons

The Hosts:

· Michelle, a radio, and podcast host based in Silicon Valley. She is a lawyer by training and has been working in and with many startups, especially fintech and blockchain. Currently she is working for several non-profit organizations and startups. Michelle is the host of the Stanford Radio Show “Laptop Radio (Wednesdays 2-4 PM)”, which is also available as a podcast ( You can learn more about Michelle here:

· Jörn is a podcaster, startup scout and entrepreneur, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a background of more than 12 years of management consulting, with a focus on financial services and capital markets, mainly in Europe. He hosts an English startup podcast, covering the German startup scene ( You can learn more about Jörn “Joe” here:

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What we talk about during the Recording:

Fiverr Gig Mobster

Bada Bing! The headquarter of fictional mobster boss Tony Soprano!

Michelle and Joe’s summer reading list recommendations (yes, including audio books) (Affiliated Links)


Kafka on the Shore

The decline and the fall of the Roman Empire

The Millionaire Next Door

Complete Family Wealth

Expeditionary Force (First Book Columbus Day)

The Expanse (Book 1 Leviathan Awakes)

Invent and Wander

Platform Strategy

The Return of Marco Polo

How Innovation Works

Here is the Klingon language institute:

“juppu' suqawHa'” Enjoy your summer (in Klingon)

This is a starting why podcast. Here we ask entrepreneurs, actors, investors, in the native and hardiest on the why why they are doing what they are doing, what motivates and drive them, and why can't they stop? We will start in five, four, three, two, one. Welcome everybody. Hey, Michelle, hide in. I am good. How are you? I just came back from Miami. Great, I can. Just came back from my garden. There's both. Between both situations there are trees. Oh yeah, but maybe a little bit more palm trees. Right. So this is another recalling of our joint podcasts starting why, when we ask about the why of doing things, and this time we ask ourself why not to do something like really productive and summer, since we basically spent like almost the last year, one and a half years. It's what pens on the couch. The episode is called Hinding to make money the summer, and I'm really excited about this. Yeah, Oh, maybe even wood at ten things. HOW ABOUT TAKING TURNS? So basically, I have an idea. You have an idea. I have an idea. You have an idea. Sure, oh, that sounds good. First recommendation would be start an Amazon store. That's also one way to make money. But my main reason behind it is that they are right now really hot in the startup market and there's several companies out there who are looking to purchase well run Amazon dealer's Amazon stores out there. So basically, if you invest like half a year of doing good work, you could catch out really big awesome. Yeah, that sounds exciting. So starting Amazon Star store, and I have by something you can do remotely and start a Gig. So you can basically go to a fiber and if you are really good with the skill set like video auditing, audio editing or making logos or Youtube Inch Ros, then you might be very successful on fiber and have tons of clients. Or if your voice is just good, because that's also what we got our voice over for the introduction, and I have to tell you, they know what's the best. WHAT GIG ON FIVER? What? It's a guy, and an American guy. He already lives in Europe, but he sounds like a real clichey New York mobster. How does that sound? Im Down here in the show notes, but he sounds a really good something from the Godfather or the Sopranos. Yeah, maybe, maybe, maybe, he sounds like somebody who's really in his role, in her in his role in the Sopranos. That would be the best, the best place. I could just imagine this guy sitting in the butter butter being. Well, as you already said, you have been traveling, so I thought many people will want to travel now that they can do it again. So they should be a big market for people who do house sitting. Oh,...

...that's really cool. So you're telling me that when I go to when I went to Miami, stead of renting every vb or hotels, I could just sit in the house for someone. Yes, or you could pay someone to do that for you, like in your house. Then nobody gets stupid ideas. HMM, interesting, cool, that sounds really awesome. So if you wanted to travel, you could basically hang out as someone's house and you can get paid for it. Great idea. Wait, wait, do you just sit there for eight hours and then you just kind of hang out at different cities? My understanding is if you do real house sitting, you live there in the house for the time the owner is not there. So because usually if somebody steals from a house or something, it's usually during the night okay about it? Yeah, that it just just kind of be careful, because that could be scary as well. With the House sitting, just if you're if you're a house sitting a real awalthy place, make sure everything's locked, because you don't want to be, you know, put you don't want to place yourself in a really dangerous situation. So just make sure that you have pepper spray and not. You have to make sure to get along with the watchdogs really well, right that as well. Yes, yes, you don't want to be attacked by little dog and you really don't know what if someone just in turn into the house and then of the night and put a gun around your head. So just be careful. It's apparently a much less dangerous job here in Germany. Awesome, awesome. Yes, in in the states, it really depends on where you live, because I think certain cities have a bunch of crimes. So I would just in Miami and there were shootings. There's a few scootings in Miami and I think one of them was happening in like near midnight of Pool Hall and I was just like wow, so, Yep, just be careful with that one. And then the one that I have. The next one is to become a delivery driver for food companies or one of the companies that want you to drive and deliver things for them, like gorillas, delivery hero, Dora Ord's the card. I have a friend who does that and he has a lot of fun actually delivering. Just find things for people at target and grocery stores and delivering them to that, delivering these items to them. He really likes it. Sometimes he gets really big tips, but you know, sometimes, like I think you know, on Facebook, for example, I saw him one day with a bunch of balloons that someone wants to be delivered, purchase and delivered. So that that that would be a lot of fun. I also do understand that if you see bicycle, you could be really fit when fall starts. I guess you of a lot of exercidse with that right, because you're running around all day getting a bunch of items and deliver into the house. I think it's that that one is kind of fun. I actually wouldn't mind doing that, you know what I mean. Like like I could see myself findings through different people and delivering them, but it would take me a while, though, because I don't know grocery store that? Well, I think grocery store should have like laptops and a whole like like a library. You know where you...

...have, you can enter into the foot name and then tells you where the aisles are, where you can find them, and maybe a picture, you know, maybe, maybe with your cell phone. Yes, yes, and it has like Ai. That would be super like. You'll be like Ai, I would like a you know, like a some of the customers are really sophisticated, right. So what did they say? Oh, I want a box with ice cream, you know, sandwiches with mets, and I wanted to be, you know, sixty ounce or something. I don't just making things up, right. So, and you're like, and you've never been to grocery shopping like me. I'll be like, Whoa, where do you find that? Right? So then we frid ice cream, only with fitzy vanilla. So you have to go into the small print of all the Vanutla ice creams on display. Of they where's this? Weird all be making like two dollar an hour just having to go through all the ice cream at the core, right. Like if there's like a little index at the grocery store, it would be a lot easier. Please make that someone. Actually, I do believe you'll have this situation at gorillas. There are a grocery delivery store here in Germany, especially in Berlin, the guaranteeing ten minute delivery. So basically ways on a run and they should have all the stuff packed and ready when the delivery guy comes and then they're leaving. But admittedly they are now a little bit in trouble here in Germany due to protests of the delivery people, because it's really tough job. Every time. Ten minutes, ten minutes, ten minutes. Yeah, that's really hard. The people living around it. They don't like like all the traffic it generates, not only all the people coming and going by foot, on the bicycle, on the motorcycle, but also there's a steady stream of trucks delivering stuff. Yeah, all around the clock. So I I do believe that could be really that could be really annoying if you live just next they already started in new Yorkney. Drowns, Women Mute controls. Yeah, talking about drones and future, my favorite thing become a self published Ebo. It worked for crack Allanson, currently my fav favored author, and, as see bray, who speaking the books. It's just awesome, awesome. Yeah, I love a love, love books. So I might be one of these people who buy your ebooks, by the way, because I have a lot of them. Fortunately they only take up a storage space. Yeah, yeah, that's true. I mean like, so I'm one of the, you know, biggest client of Amazon books before Amazon basically sells everything. Like I would just basically buy all my books on Amazon. And I have I have a library. I don't know, I built a library. So I have a room that I turn into a library with nothing in it but books. And I think over the years my ebooks and audible books basically I'll perform no beer form, maybe in terms of quality of number right then my library, because I have so many audibles and e books now. But I really love, I re all kinds of stuff. So I love books. Besides shoes, I think books is like one of my collectible items. Oh, I have another instant idea. It's not an idea to make money, but it's also something can do. Have on Youtube do list for the summer, like getting through a really good reading list. When you talked about ebooks, I still have not touched one of them audio books. I still have not touched my longest audio book yet.

Which one of them? And before one empire I leave. It's more than twenty four hours. Wow, look at have a have fun. Can know. I have IQ eighty four and it's a couple of thousand pages and I think I'm at fifty percent since like couple years ago. But I used to I used to read like I had a kindle fire for my business books. I have kindle normal, kindo paper canoe for literature. Is I think the style literature is different from business books, which is you just Mo really want to read it to get the thought and information. But was totally under estimating it. The decline and the fall of the Roman Empire runs one hundred and twenty six hours and thirty one minutes. Oh my God, so you could fill up your summit just with this Audiobookow, how many days is I've about with sleeping, with eating, all without. Well, says, I read by about twenty four hours. She had a number of days right, but if you divide it by that with like twelve hours, that is sure. You know like sixteen days. If you listen eight hours each day, saw something fifty hundred and seventy five. So it keeps you busy from more than two weeks. Two minutes. Oh, that's that's sounds like. It doesn't sound that bad. It's not so kind of fun, like if you're basically traveling somewhere and you know you basically is interesting in that, then you can kind of like read that. It's not bad. What would be on your summer reading list, if we are already taking a detour, I would like finish my my two books I created for and path gone the shore. I think I've read half, more than half, of I cuate it for, and then Katherine Ashore. I think also we at half of it, but I think that book is a little bit shorter. And then I've been reading a lot of books. I don't do so many now, but I finish all the rest of it, though there are a few books that I read Multiple Times for fun, so I get really and then I would be like poetry, I guess, because you know now that I'm more of an NPT artist, I kind of wanted to again find out my voice because I love writing and I love poetry. So and I have like books poetry from all around the world, even even poetry from Germany. I have like a book that I purchase like years ago from phone poets in German in Germany, and you know, like I love, I love like different books from all around the world. So I think that would be on my summer waiting reading less. How about you? I definitely have correct elements on their I do have a few odd the books, of course, to decline in the full of the Roman Empire. Don't ask me in full if I have heard listened to all of it. Then there is old let me let me quickly check here. Hang on one moment please, sir. This is so fun. There we should trail out some of these ideas. Like I feel like I need to start going to tell you in the next door to surprising secrets of America's rich complete family. Well, yeah, Oh yeah, the expense series. I'm currently in audiobook number five. Okay, so let me, let me let the Newar next door. You Em wait, wait with you,...

Om no, Yow, cuminators are walt. Yeah, yeah, so so minire next door. You know, they compare the lawyers with the janitors and the janitors are making more money than the lawyers because lawyers have a lifestyle that they need to so they need to smell a lot of money just to be normal and to look their status, but enitors don't and they basically are more humble and they, you know, could make money cleaning and, you know, performing other services for other people. So it's a really interesting concept. And they look at how much you a comed, how much you accumulate in terms of world and and how much you spent. So I think the premise of it is that you know your neighbors, even though they look normal, could be be a naires. You just never know. So there's no need to be snobbish. On My to do list is also invent and wonder, the collected riding of Jeff Beza, collected writings of Jeff Bezos, maps of meaning. That sounds awesome. What else is there? Yeah, Platform Revolution, I'm already Oh yeah, the return of Marco Polo's world will strategy and the American interest in twenty one century silos series definitely on my to do list, but I'm not sure if I get to it soon, how innovation works H and why it flourishes in freedom. And I do believe that's already all of it for this summer. It'll be a lot. Oh that's awesome. You don't like that? Sounds like an awesome list. I think the next one for me is becoming a mystery shopper. That sounds like fun. So if you like shopping, you might want to be a mystery shopper for different your favorite brand. So do you see yourself as a mystery shopper? Yeah, maybe I could do it. Maybe I could not be here though. Like, do you feel like you need to dress up a certain way to be a mystery shopper so that you won't be known, or do you feel like you just need to be more normal? You know what I mean? Like if you if you dress really fashionable as a as a shopper, you know, then you probably won't be that mysterious. People will know who you are right. So I'm just wondering, like or do you do you dress up like, you know, like a normal jain, you know, and just kind of just kind of shop and be normal, like jeans and t shirt or you know? or You just like the sixties and be a mry shopper, then you're probably everyone would probably look at you. So I don't know. Do you just kind of wonder about those things, or is it just me. I actually never thought to be a fashion mystery shopper. I would, I would do mystery shopping other stuff, but that's why I didn't think about it yet. Well, I mean, I mean you gonna be a Mr shopping other stuff, like technology or like Apple. I mean, you know, when you're like a mystery shopper, you know, like usually I would think it would like be a Mazie's or no strooms or target or something. So know, just it's just it's kind of interesting, isn't it? Like where you're like a double agent shopper. You know, sounds like super cool. Like do you wear glasses or don't? You don't wear glasses and like, you know, do you just wear hat? Do you try to be gray and not, you know, not be like you, not to stand out? So it's not super intriguing. Well, next recommendation would be start your own podcast or youtube channel. There's a disclaimer attached to this.

In Two thousand and twenty each week, on average they have been seventeen thousand you podcasts started. So I repeat, seventeen thousand wow podcasts each week, not episodes, but new podcast of course, including starting Y. Yeah, yeah, that's like that's good. We're awesome. And then I love podcast. Of You guys started remember to use anchor, and then also your youtube channel. Those are always fun, I think. I think for Youtube you need to make at least forty videos, but thirty five to forty for the algorithms to pick pick up. That sounds awesome. And then the one that another idea that I have is taken online polls. You can get paid for it. So if you go to hars pot online or focus point global or online dcom, you can basically answer surveys and you will be compensated for your time. I have a less serious recommendation. Learn cling gun. What it's that? That's what is blanking Clingon language from Star Trek. How do you talk about I don't know, but one of my former girlfriends, she had to special roommates and they only talk to each other in cling gun. Really Awesome. Yeah, as I said, those guys have been really special. That's awesome. That's a that's going to be a super awesome like summer. Way To actually make some money is to learn Clington, you know, and maybe you can, you know, be kind of cool if you actually put on Youtube or podcast, and then also you know as a as a fiber gag as well. That way you can like make money from multiple streams of income, not just one the other. The other thing I have is searching for and claim property. So the federal and stay coppers, they hope doing the dollars. Well, the unclaimed property. So some of it could be yours. That you need to do the work and back down the cash. You can go to unclaimed dot org and missing Moneycom and see if you can find some of these money or claim some of these. Michelle, I just realize there is a cling gum language institute online where you can learn the language. Oh Wow, wow, that is so it's a nonprofit or someone is actually monetizing that. I think they're become a member. Yeah, it's a no, it's a membership based, all right, but but it took key ten dollars a year. Yeah, that's okay, that's kind of cool. I think we should all join. I'm still not when on percent, sure how you could make money from this, but at least it keeps you busy. I think so. I think. Well, I think if you how about this, if you learn Clinton and you document your process of learning it on a podcast or a youtube channel and then offer that language translation as a fabric. Gay, you might actually be doing something. Well, write about make tshirts and sell them on your on your emazon store. Yes, yes, yes, you can actually learn it while doing some house sitting. Well, being a mystery shopper. Write, write a book about at it.

You know about how your process of learning it. So then you covered everything, but also visit the unclaimed property. You never know, maybe the language goes with with a poppery that is just waiting for you. Yeah, you can never be sure. This is awesome. Love US check out some one of the books that we mentioned as well. Will basically put a Amazon length below so that you can purchase them if you want. Yes, we will, and I do believe we will meet again for the next episode starting. Why we be doing together, because they will be also some episodes where either one of us is going to interview guests. Yes, really excited about that. There's going to be episodes that we're gonna to talk to different guests about why they started what they started. M sounds pretty promising. So talk to you soons, unshine. Bye, bye, bye,.

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