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Starting Y: Why We Started Starting Y


Starting Y Episode 1

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Michelle, a radio, and podcast host based in Silicon Valley. She is a lawyer by training and has been working in and with many startups, especially fintech and blockchain. Currently she is working for several non-profit organizations and startups. Michelle is the host of the Stanford Radio Show “Laptop Radio (Wednesdays 2-4 PM)”, which is also available as a podcast ( You can learn more about Michelle here:

Jörn is a podcaster, startup scout and entrepreneur, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a background of more than 12 years of management consulting, with a focus on financial services and capital markets, mainly in Europe. He hosts an English startup podcast, covering the German startup scene ( You can learn more about Jörn “Joe” here: Hint: Here is his “Cook Instagram Account”

“We can help the world by using technology”Michelle Tsing, Co-Host Starting Y

Hey, folks, welcome to starting. Why? This is a new podcast. Actually, it's a corporation between this amazing here, Michelle. Hey, how you did? I'm doing good, and me yearn actually, you are based in Silicon Valley, right, yes, and I'm based in Frankfurt. So this is a transatlantic recording. Not True, which way around it goes? Maybe it's also transpacific recording. I'm not sure about the date. To flow here. I'm really, really excited about this. Yeah, me too. Let us first talk a little bit about you, because you're you're obviously lady, and you also run a radio, that podcast show. How is it called and what are you doing there? Yes, so it's called that at radio. I'm a house and producer. o. There is a Stanford University show and I've been there for a couple of years. Actually, I started because one day I just wanted to do something scary. Actually, I do that a year and that particular year I just want to be known, not to be famous, that, just be known because I didn't really care about it. So I want to do something scary and I did, and of course the universe answer that and the rest is history. I was actually wearing a bretty brought smile. You cannot see that because it's an a your only podcast, because our thinking, okay, it this year, no Halloween, so you had to start another podcast as a scary thing. Right, absolutely, and but the your podcast, your radio show, is not the first thing you're doing in business. I've stoked you in the past on Linkedin and actually you've done a lot of stuff before. What did you do before you get into podcasting, radio hosting? Sure, I was a I was a technical writer and what developer in college and then I became a lawyer. So I was a Laura working in legal stuff at a couple different company. So one of the last one was paypal. was there for six years after Commercial Council and I decided. I decided to do something scary. So I quit my job and wanted to do and build companies. So do a lot of startup stuff. Also did a crypto company and and payments set up back in two thousand and fortune. Two Thousand and fifteen. Volunteered at a lot of AI companies. One of them's actually compute. Just read a computation. The other startups are projects are AI related. So both AI loving, AI DOT ORG and Bobus Without Borders and I also tutored if he boosy and history for a for a education start up as well. HMM, sounds you're like you're pretty busy normally. Right now, I think I just DIS rebuted my time better because I don't watch TV. So I'm just I just kind of geared toward doing the stuff that I love. So, you know, I mean I feel like in the past when I'm working on my startup, when I volunteer, you know, the volunteer projects are startups related or AI related, because I feel like we can help the world using technology, and you know, the commercial projects only help because they all make money or paid anyways, and I just wanted to do to me my time wisely. So I tend to work on projects that I love, and I feel like media is really important because you're educating in a way and you're raising consciousness in another way.

I see. See, I have to admit when I was younger, Germany still had the draft and you could either decide to spend your time in barracks getting drunk every evening, or something else called National Service. That's what I did and I wasn't eant for one year and then I was volunteer. I was working during the weekends and the holidays on at university, where I was not having lessons for I do believe, in total, almost seven years, and it also gave me a lot. Unfortunately, I had to stop it when I started with consulting, because when you're flying out of Germany Monday morning, when you're flying back in Thursday or Friday, you totally need the weekend to recover, otherwise your soon be either some be or that. Well, how is consulting for you and how's that different from podcasting? HMM, sometimes it feel sometimes it really feels like it is the same. You have deadlines, you makes plans, you make projects. On the other hand, I realize I only do podcasting that way because I was trained as a consultant. So for me it's like a lot of very short time projects. The podcasting I really like to meet New People, to talk to them and get very, very different input. So I'm hosting a startup podcast here in Germany called celebrate that I oh. What we do is bringing the German startup scene to the world in English. Everything we do in is in English or Social Media Post. Yes, of course there's sometimes typo in their apples in there, as well as audience video recording and for like seventy to ninety percent of the startups I'm talking to is their first content ever in English. So if you search for them before, you would not find anything. If you search for them afterwards, you will at least find my interview, and I try to make it between somewhere twenty five to forty five minutes. The interviews, of course, all in English. Video and audio is your choice. What you like, and bring bring the startups to the world. As I say, which was actually very funny because a few weeks back when of the startups actually shared our interview and wrote about us. For six years now, celebrate that. I Oh is the authority on German startups and I was going, yes, is awesome. Congratulations. Thank you for an accomplishment. I actually do a lot of tracking and searching what people are writing about our podcast, and right now we have been more than two thousand three hundred days in some type of podcast charts made, be stitcher, itunes or charterabilecom's on podcast charts. But I really like that, especially that people in at least forty one countries downloaded and subscribe us into their podcast charts. Of course they're. They they're like the usual suspects, like Germany, of course, the US, to the UK, Canada, but also some really surprising places where this interest in German startups. I'm talking like South Korea, Paraguay, awesome, Babb Yeah, that's awesome. So I've seen John's stats. He's impressive numbers. I don't know that comes from his consulting work, but his charting is super awesome. I was like, wow, this looks very impressive, you know.

I mean it's one of the best. You know, I've seen a lot of Jack of course, right, as an advisor to so many startups, and and then I looked at John's deck and with a bunch of numbers and stads. Is Awesome. It's like one of the best I think I've see. You cannot see it, but I'm dancing here. Gosh, I love I love innovation and I know that you do too. Actually, this is the first episode of our joint podcast. We will cohost it, sometimes you, sometimes me, and we will also going to interview startups for this right. Yeah, I'm really excited about that. I Love, love talking to to startups and I think what that's one of the reason this is called starting. Why? Why do we call it starting? Why? John? There's some legal issues involved in here, like a trade marks and stuff like this. But actually the most the best reason is we've been talking have a lot of fun. I had a beer and then we had some ideas bouncing back and forth. We want to go for something starting x, and I was going, why don't we call it starting? Why? Yeah, and I thought starting wise really cool because, like, don't you ask why, like why are you starting that? Why? So, why? Why are we starting this? It's an interesting opportunity. I like that you like my jokes. Oh my gosh, he has he has a good sense of humor and it's pretty awesome. Yeah, I try to usually say that Germans don't have a sense of humor. That's not true. We just hide it really good. It just had it really good. It's one of the funniest thing is that when, like, I was at Paypal, for example, and we did a three hundred and sixty feedback and one of my salesperson was like, Michelle is way too serious all the time, right, I was just like, I'm your attorney, of course I'm serious, but outside have that I could be so. So it's not funny, though, like how people have different size, like when you're at work, you know, like at my you know, as an attorney, I have to be serious, but otherwise I have a sad humor too. Oh yeah, of course, but actually that that is something like about expectations, because if you have a smiling, always happy lawyer there, you could not take this person serious. So it's really something you just expect from lawyers, right. Yeah, yeah, that's true too. Yeah, I think in the same category. They're like accountance, not reies. What else is their trustees, those people, right, yeah, they have to be always serious. And judges as well. Oh Yeah, Oh, yeah, even though sometimes what pops up in my news apps or in the drum media sometimes, I do believe there's some judges there that do have a sense of humor. Yeah, I think. I think, I think you could be really good and have a sense of humor, you know, but I think people just kind of judge you differently, you know, like if you're a girl, you know you're not that smart woman, you know, and it's kind of depends. I think. I think, you know, it's different now. It's a different world. Everyone is the same and different, so it really depends on who you are.

Yes, it does. By the way, we are merching kind of German part and an American part here. So actually that also happens in my life, because we are publishing this on Thanksgiving Day. Happy Turkey Day, by the way. That is actually something when I was in college in the US I really liked and I kind of brought back. So we are going to have during the weekend after Thanksgiving, because it's not a public holiday here in Germany. We do have a Turkey here as well, making it and it never burned yet, and then we actually thought making Christmas cookies. Platson. Wow, wow, wow. I've seen John's instagram account, his personal one, and it has a lot of yummy pictures, so follow him. I was, I was. I was actually a pretty lazy recently that I did not post all the pictures of all the stuff that I was that I was preparing. By the way, I posted for you a recipe for Glovine, German mild wine, that you have not yeah, I saw that and I was about to give it to my brother so he can make it for me. I thought you would love that. I I'm a level zero point five cook. So I've recently gotten the air fire and I know entrepreneurs left this because, you know, when we talk about starting, why, you know, you just have to start somewhere. So I don't know how to Cook, just because I've been kind of working and super busy and I was, you know, kind of work through lunch and dinnermals at the time. So I got an air fire. A friend suggested it, because I don't cook and I've been because of Covid, I've been going to these drive through every day. So my friend was just like, get an air fire and, you know, so I did. And then there was an article that, you know, says we're ten things to buy a trader's Joe. So I did that. You know, like can you imagine a lady like just looking through an article to buy food because she just reallys to know? So I did that as well. So I bought like a hundred fifty dollar war of food and with my air fire and you know, experiment it with it, just kind of like a tech experiment, like a start up, you know. So I did that and it worked really well. So I've been kind of I've been cooking, but I haven't make any drinks yet, so I'm going to leave that to my brother and learn from him. And it's kind of cool because, like, I think I just changed my mindset, you know, from oh I'm going to cook to Oh, this is going to be a technical experiment. So it's been working really, really well. I see. Actually I didn't like to cook before and then as a consultant you always go to restaurants, you have here, you have your breakfast and you dinner at the hotel and it really really gets boring to go somewhere dine out. So that was the time I realized when I'm at home on the weekends and I'm cooking, it actually relaxes me. So I usually have either my big headphones on and I'm singing crazy stuff or listening to some funny audio books, and then I really relax and enjoy cooking. Or when I go out, I go like this is as usual, okay, come on, hurry up, because you when I'm in a restaurant I always get the feeling I'm on my lunch bike and I need to hurry. I don't know why I bought something that. Would you say? It's like a competitor of kitchen aid. It's a jumping product. I'm not going to say who it is,...

...but actually I now have an ice cream machine for it. I can make my own ice cream. Wow, yeah, like cinnamon eyes, like gingerbread eyes. My small boy of sixteen months likes my vanilla eyes and I'm going to experiment a quite a lot with all of that stuff. That is going to be really good. has like Super Awesome, I think. I think, since the show is about starting and why, we you hear different stories of different things that you know that people do, you know to beg end I guess, and why they do so. I think, I think that's really cool. I'm really excited about it because, like, I think you know from other shows you're here about, you know what they start, how what, but they didn't really question why. And sometimes, you know, it brings out the purpose, sometimes you bring out intentions, you know, and and I think that the history part or the her story could be could be different and and it's just really something that we could kind of learn from. HMM. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it as well. Right now we are looking for a few interview guests. We already have a lineup of people who actually requested interviews from my podcast, but actually I always have to tell them. Well, guys, I'm kind of focusing, so everything around, around Germany, would some relation to Germany, would work if you're just a start up who wants also to sell products or services in Germany. It usually doesn't work for me because I get like five hundred two requests a year and I can do usually a maximum of forty two fifty interview. So I can I have to turn down like ninety percent of the start ups. Yeah, and I have a and this one is just moral flexible. So, and you know, there's two people too, so it'll be a lot easier because I can hold them as well when children's cooking and making ice cream, you know, so that it kind of kind of takes off the load and, you know, while I'm are frying beef and chicken and budgies also interviewed. Well, actually, I also like to to to shine, like to shine light on the like spectrum of startups that is out there. I was just a recording a start up with a lady who is a Children's book author turned entrepreneur because she realized books for plying children are very expensive because there goes a lot of manual work in there because pling children don't know how to read brail. They only get it taught in school. So basically they has to be a lot of texture, a lot of different textiles, a lot of different stuff in there so they actually have an experience there. And she's now going to combine normal books she has been writing in the past, like the Hedgehog who lost its spikes, and it's doing that with an overlay over the normal picture books with d printing where not visually impaired children can actually see the pictures behind the d printing and the blind of visually impaired children can actually touch the D printing. It's see through plastics, and so they she can actually combine the picture books for both. That's that is like the one spectrum and the other spectrum is like I'll be Unicorn in two days, like magic.

Yeah, Taa Magic in today's yes, yes, that's awesome, though I think. I think some people could create a Unicorn in two day's it really depends on, you know, the team and what they're building and everything else. And some people are just rich enough they've set up a company pay in one building of their own money. And TEDDA, it's a Unicorn one day. That's true too. That's true. I mean, if you have all the right connections, you know, you just as your friends to pay for your services. You Find Your own company or your parents find your own company. Why not? Sounds pretty promising. So, guys, if you have an interesting like non conventional, start up. IDEAR, we also take conventional, but we prefer the non conventional, which to us. They'll be linked down here in the show notes of your and my linkedin profile and you can just reach out to us and you can, of course, mail me, but if you if you want to be guest, ride it in the headline, because I have an a e filter and I get a lot of emails. The headline would say I want to be guests starting. Why? Yes, perfect, perfect, awesome. So looking forward to talk to you soon and interviewing our first guests yet me too, was a pleasure talking to you. By by going on today is dandsgiving. Oh yeah, about before we go what we're grateful for. So let's start with you. Having no one who's right now seriously ill in my family, even though my one of my close family members, just had a hot tree, but she recovered well, having a healthy family, being at home without any worries, having enough food and a hell lot more than would kind of overstretch the podcast here, but that's the main point. Yeah, so I'm grateful for this podcast. I think it's going to be fun and I'm grateful for I'm grateful for just having food, you know, being able to eat healthy. I think I been staying, staying at home this whole year and go and drive to you and eating fries every day, regular, regular food, healthy food. Grateful for a healthy family that everyone, you know, is healthy, especially in this time, and three, just having a place to lift, you know, being warm in the bean in the winter. I think I'm pretty grateful for and having awesome friends. Think people around you who are who are awesome and nicest. It's a little bit warming and joyful. Oh, you know what? What I'm also grateful for this kitchen machine, because I have a cutting, cutting machine. I have ant know how you call this like. It is set up for cutting potato straight to into French fries, as well as a pasta machine add on to it. Awesome. Wow, I feel like there's gonna be a lot of talk of different gadgets so it's awesome. I mean I was just looking for a wide opener and my friend recommended the rabbit mson. So what? What? What Rabbit? It's called a rabbit is a wine opener from Amazon. It's like the best. Why? An...

...opener? Like wine bottles? Opening? Yeah, yeah, opening a lot bottle in Germany. You now have, I'm just showing this to your camera. You know, have the the the wine bottles that you could just turn there, there's no more cork in it. Oh yeah, we have carts. So the other day I you know, it was a thing. It was like my birthday or something, and I, yeah, I thought a bottle wine to the office, laid a happy birthday. Had to cook one Sumber Woods back. Thank you, thank you. As fought a bottle wine to the office and you know, I my friend was there. I was like, Hey, can you open it for me? You just like he took people, you know, like just like a regular opener, but not the wine offer, and just open it. It was just so difficult. So I was just laughing and and then I was just like, oh my gosh, id you to open the I need to get a wine opener. And then one of my friends suggested that the rabbit. It's like, I didn't know that opening in a bottle wide. It was just so difficult. So funny. It's actually getting easier, but it's I do believe that it has to be a little bit difficult because if you had enough wine, you should not be able to open another bottle. That so true. That's so true. But the men, the men are awesome. I mean they day took care of it. I just put the though. I just wanted to say, you know, a lot of women don't like man. I just wanted to, you know, point that out. You know about that. Men. Men are awesome. You know that. I don't know you guys hurt whom I complain about men all the time. Oh my husband is blah blah, or my boyfriend is blah, Blah Blah. I'm just like, what are you guys talking about? Men are awesome, right, of course, totally. I'm nodding all the time, but I just realize we have an audio podcast and nobody couldn't see that. Sorry, okay, so looking forward to the next episode. You guys have an awesome Thanksgiving and and the time of being grateful. Of course, enjoy your Turkey exactly enjoy your Turkey trink responsible. You know why the wine bottles are that way right now, and thank you very much. Bye, bye, bye, bye,.

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