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Episode 7 · 11 months ago

Starting Y: The Dope Sea - CyberMermaids, The Ocean and NFTs


Our Intro is based on Quantum Jazz’s piece “Orbiting a distant planet”, published under Creative Commons

“The speed of the internet connection may be as important for your real estate value, as is a good train or highway connection” Joern Menninger, Starting Y

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The Dope Sea is a non-profit that promotes ocean awareness through art and NFTs. Learn more on The Dope Sea's website:

The CyberMermaids 1000 Generative Art Collection - 20% of first sales go to Sea Shepard:

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This is a starting why podcast. Here we ask entrepreneurs, actors, investors in the native and artists on the why, why they are doing what they are doing, what motivates and drives them and why can't they stop? We will start in five, four, three, two, one. Welcome to starting why. This is Michelle, your cohost. Today we are going to talk about why we started the dope see. We have alienka with us as well as once hello boys, show by. So aleenda is the president of the dopee and when and I are director. I'm an artist is I'm really by excited. So let's talk about the dope. See, Alienka. What is the vision of the Dope Sye? Okay, well, I just want to say thank you very much for inviting us here to talk about the dopeesy. We are nonprofit organization with the Vision to bring people together to celebrate the ocean and the mystery under the sea. I really think that's really important for us to do, as one of our collection is focused on right now the mermaid. We feel the mermaid is mysterious. They are creatures of the sea that anyone and everyone has heard, heard about, and, you know, we feel that we should pay homage to them as part of our first collection for the Dope Sea. That's right, we're saving the planet or the Ocean, one mermaid at a time. About the ocean, anyways, I'm serious. I mean it's about the arts. Amazing the community and the people that are helping build this are just like the coolest people. I really believe, like I believe, we are going to be able to have a real impact by contributing to save the ocean right then, and it's a big problem right now. I mean it's not a little thing. The our ability to have an impact won't be realized for a while, but once we're there, I mean the opportunities are almost endless. I mean, I'm looking at seven different ocean saving nonprofits right now. A lot of them actually revolve around art. They call it art activism or Arctivism, and I think what we're doing fits right in there with interesting is. I don't think we're competing. I think if anything, we're supporting those functions and adding value and I personally really, really, really excited about being a part of it. I'm excited to I think mermaids have magical hour and they basically guard the sea and they are pretty so true, and have shiny tails. They excited. I would get really excited making them as an LT, like I wanted to own them, which is super weird because and I had like you know, like sometimes when you draw stuff and you kind of fall in love. Who I you make not for my narsis. It's a point perspective, but more of like, Oh my God, I want this, and I think that's a whole movement of you know something called NPT, nonfungible token. What are the nonfunable token? You want to know. You mean to answer. Okay, I'll give you my layman's description of what I would describe Ann ft to like anybody from my household. Non fungeable token is kind of a weird term because, I mean, I don't like term. To give you some concept. It's and I actually learned this recently in a clubhouse interview. I think the very first nft it wasn't called an if teeth. I'm not even sure what it was called, but the very first thing if he was back when they were assigning names to etherium contract and and when, I think, they realize you can assign a name to a contract, you essentially can assign a link to a contract and that contract owns that link or the content that that linked points to. That's essentially what an n FT is is. It's you're taking a piece of digital content and you're minting it into the block chain and that point it becomes...

...sellable. That's how I describe it. Yeah, and third that minting you basically certified at the digital asset is unique and therefore it's not interchangeable. That means you can't change it for another art of what you're deemed to be similar value as a valued as attached to it, but it's really subjective. It's based on what that artist feels the value is, as well as when you after you purchase it, it's what the rest of the art community feels that value is not worth on the secondary market. So type of mermaid and don't see. It's really about the ocean and everything under it. However, you think that will bring awareness? Do you think that we will ask a community bring awareness, because we all call the ocean, or do you think that you know, saying those of straws and enough? Do you think that it consciously help people become more aware of how beautiful the ocean is and therefore as a society, as a planet, we should protect it. Your ultimate vision us, president, in we're raising awareness about fifty yeah, so I would say all of the above right. We know that the NFT community is very big on rounding behind a cause and so far there's been so many different causes and actions that have been taken because of the nft community. And one thing that we strongly believe in is by, you know, having so many in the community be involved in this particular project, because our vision is to basically create a really, really really dope see, right, and what that means is that there's going to be so many different creatures. We're starting right now with Mermaids, but as we go down the line and add more collections to the dope see, we're going to see manatees, we're going to see, you know, hammerhead whales and shark and all these things, and it's just going to bring so many different creativity and opportunity for different artists to be involved and for the rest of the world to see the creation of how we put this sea atmosphere or environment together with all these artistic individuals being involved in this. With that, it will definitely raise awareness where definitely raise the awareness around different causes that are meant to save the ocean right as well as the creatures that are within the ocean. There's so many difference. What is it shows out there then a few on Netflix that basically are shining the light on how we, as part of the ecosystem, is affecting, you know, our ocean and what's going on down there and the things that we eat and the consumptions of food or the sea foods that we're currently going through is causing like a shift in the ecosystem. So hoping that, you know, our project in this will definitely raise a lot of awareness and get people talking, get people involved and motivated to make a change. Awesome, Super Doope. You know it is, and I'm like, I can't wait to see all the more eels and the sea urchins, maybe even do a series and sea slugs or, you know, other ocean related things. But the opportunity to develop these, you know, the art for those projects is Super Fun and the best part about it is it actually is doing good for the world and you know, it's just a rad project. Rairi spoke to be here. How is the community organizing around these different projects, and I stand that they'll see's intended to be a nonprofit. So how do we build community? That's a great question. I mean the Physical Act of actually building community. It's going to come from a bunch of different places. Mostly it's going to be artists, and right now there's a huge movement in the art world to basically collaborate...

...with other artists and ways that they've never been able to do before. And it's just starting. It's super early in that process and it's already catching like wildfire. It's just it's spreading. I mean every day that I spend time in places like clubhouse it's super apparent. There's so many people, there's so many art I mean I mean just yesterday I was in a clubhouse room and and someone that I had met, actually someone that met a friend of mine on an airplane, happened to mention that they were a digital artist, that they did dart and shared their profile with them on their phone and and so he mentioned what we were doing in our project. My friend mentioned to the artist what we were doing in our project and the artist found us in our club room and our very first meeting and hung out for like an hour and all we did was just talk about art and like we're going to be doing with it and what you can do with it. And it's not just the the technology in the fund that we can have, you know, building the platform and a lap, but the good that it can do. And I don't know, to me seems like this entire movement is about to absolutely explode. Everything that Brent says, I A hundred percent agree. I mean, I don't know what else I could add to that, but yeah, there's definitely people who are interested. So, you know, we use clubhouse to raise awareness about our project and we're very active on clubhouse and you know, even within clubhouse there's like already an nft community and so at any given time we'll go up there and just, you know, talk about our project and a lot of people just want to hear your stories. They want to hear what the art means to you and what you're trying to do to benefit the space, because it's all about, you know, benefiting the community as a whole. And so we feel that this project of ours is definitely going to do a lot more than that. It's going to raise awareness to not only the community and the efforts and projects that could come out of this, but also how cool we are as a community that we're all coming together for a really good cause. Where do people find the Cyber Mermaids? Now? I think they're on open see, they're on open sea. Yes, Cyber Mermaids aren't open sea. If you just go into the search button and just type in cyber mermaids, that's plural, and it will come up, you'll see some of our collection. Not all of the collection is available and we're looking for artists to help us. We're looking to scale our MERMAIDS. So if you're interested in pointing this project, we definitely will welcome you into the group. Awesome, and if there's always purpose, right, there's community and then there's you know, we spoke a little bit about the vision. There's a purpose. So in about ten years, what kind of changes do you want to see in the world's for this planet and the Next Generation Succumb Oh my God, that is such a great question. I mentioned earlier about the ecosystem and making sure that it's intact right. Over the years we've done a lot of stuff as humans to basically affect the ourware environment. With the Ozone Layer, I was old enough to remember the whole movement around the old saving the ozone layer, right, and then we go into like the whales, right, because of the pollutants in the sea, and now it's like risu plastic. Right. There's so many things and I feel like mother earth is like literally telling us on a daily basis that we need to do more, we need to do more to save this planet, right, and US going to another planet to look for the potential to live there. It just kind of disregards what we are, the beauty of what we already have here. I support, you know, trying to find if there's other living life out there, but I also support who hardily that where we are currently, where we currently live, is very important and it's our mission to make sure that we do whatever we can to make sure the earth is intact. And kind of...

...a little bit deviating from what I was about to say, but you know, with Covid we all got to see how much of the huge difference that made when people stay at home and work from home as opposed to being outside. What was it in Venice? Right? The water cleared up, I mean the up log and child is done. They're all out. You know, it's funny listening to you kind of talk about where you see the future going out of Geah. Yeah, and you know what, we should do a series on space mermaids. Absolutely that should happen and that's it happened. I support that, I think. I think we're doing it. But so here's another sort of maybe even, believe it or not, if it's possible, maybe a slightly bigger picture vision of what maybe the impact that we have. So there has been, you know, environmental nonprofits out there trying to say the world and do good for animals. And nonprofits are out there and they're trying to do good. They're doing it the old way, you know, they're hit the streets and they're raising funds and they're doing events and raising funds through the events and all that good stuff. That won't go away. But there's a new game in town for nonprofits, in my opinion, and I think, and if te's is it, and I think we're doing I think we're modeling for all the other nonprofits out there that are trying to do good for the world. We're modeling a new way to accelerate that process and in my head that's the best thing that we can do for the world right now is model how we should be behaving and how we can do it more efficiently. I I so agree with Brent. I mean I should just have him talk right everything that I want to say. Yeah, that's why we're like a great team, because because of this that I love our team. Great Time working together, and that's you know, we're looking for people who could fit into our vibe right, people who like to have a good time, who are chill. We don't like any stress. We're all about just working towards this cause and making things happen. That's fun. Have Fun and the same fun, have fun at the same time, of course. Of course. And in terms of a dopesy which like or didn't any stories of any creatures. See, creatures are going to be extinct anytime soon, and you know, I guess, in other words, are we concerned about extinction of certain parts of the ocean? Like, I've actually been to a lot of the sea, of the ocean, been to a lot of places that involve the sea, and one example is a great beer, we say, because, you know, when I was there decades ago, and I guess I'm not too old, it seems to be not doing that well, and I can imagine that now it might have gotten worse. And so when you live near you know, the great berries like can and near there, you know, we humans basically dive around and we see the ocean like pulls up right because, you know, there's diving or taxi divers and all that. It stufs. And so you look at, you know, the plants, to the corals there and the state of it isn't really optimal. And of course, when I go to you know, Boboa and the water is like super clear and you feel like you're surrounded by an achorium. You do see some fish there, but I think, you know, all around the world, though, that landscape has change. How do you think that we can celebrate the sea so that people pressure and find it pressious? Pressure? Ye, that's such a great question, but go ahead. Yeah, it's so good. So you know, the entire time you were saying that, asking...

...that question and my head I'm like, I remember scuba diving in Lagoona beach where I got my scuba diving certificate whatever, and this is when in high school, and I remember being in the sea celts and being a little nervous because I couldn't see any life. I mean there were some life there, but it was like there's so much kelp it should be teeming with fish and it wasn't. And then it started making me think about Long Beach and how they have there were days when I was ring up you couldn't go to the beach because there was a sewage spill. And then it started making me think about how that was really a local problem and it was dealt with by the local government, by the locals themselves, who would rally around the solution. And so somewhere in the back of my head I'm thinking we can support those local EFTS. It has to be done locally, because I think something like this managed globally is it's a nice idea, I don't think it's practical. You know, a good start would be maybe supporting like turtles and white or someplace where turtles used to be aren't anymore. Aren't he's abundant as they used to be, in supporting the organization that's trying to do that, finding out who those people are and getting them involved in the project, I think that's how we can do this. I don't know if I'm answering the actual question, but it just think it's such a good idea to kind of try and focus it locally and have to be one local place. We do this place for this launch, for this space mermaids will do? Will do Florida near the launch pad for the Turtle Section? Will Do, you know, maybe Hawaii, and so on and so forth. And you know what, here's a really wonderful vision. What if we can get this project to a place where we can go on location, yeah, and do these things in a running events? Do a drop. You know that pictures new in San Francisco near the ocean and the cases of funge just like lasses by the beach and cigarettes and full limits of things that people that don't care about or people don't recognize the impact that they have, that they're leaving all over the place. Now think for much of that, though, like I imagine that you're basically having a picnic in the ocean by the beach and you basically have, you know, your little food, you know, drinks and glasses, and you know say that you broke the glass, you know, like dare. Think of all the children that I could have stepped on it. Think of how it could be swept into the ocean and how it could hurt the life there. I guess just that one minute of awareness with, you know, hope. And how long does it? Well, how much does it really takes to actually pick up your trash anyways? Right, but I have no idea. It just seems to be so easy for me, like you, just basically that one minute to say hey, you know the we left this behind, so let's put this in the bag or you know something, and then just kind of throwing into the trash. That's it, nipple, right, very simple and, like, I agree with both of you, raising awareness is very important. I know as humans we tend to just take a lot of things for granted, right, and you were mentioning the coral reef earlier, and I bet you a lot of people didn't know that the coral reef is a sea animal. Is actually consider a scene of animal and the benefits that they provide to the ocean. Right, right now, because of commercial fishing, it's really affecting environments and so they're part of the endangered beecies in the sea and there's several different others. There's even like, what is it, penguins? You know, there's a certain yeah, yeah, we're going to have put Quins as part of our collection, and that's what we're going to do, where our collection is going to represent everything within the sea, and that's why we think the sea is so dope and that's why we're calling it to dope sea. So it's going to represent everything in the sea and we're also going to pay homage to both endangered and those that are on the extinction list or potential to be extinct. So we're going to do that and those are going to be like the rare type of collections, right, and... by doing that, we're hoping to raise awareness to them, the importance of them and what they mean. For there's that word again, the ecosystem and how everything is a circle. It's kind of like a circle of life, right, and all of the animals within the seed, they all connect in some way, you know, in some form and then, not leaving us out, we also connect to it as well. So it's important to showcase and raise awareness, you know, so that this generation and the next generation can understand the importance of the sea. Yep, I dig it. The connection that we have to the sea is so multifaceted, from enjoying the beauty of it and just the optics. You're being able to swim in a clean ocean or clean lake even, but those things. That's a connection. And then another one is it's also a food source, and so there's a sustainable component to this whole project. And I could see us, you know, I mean there's so many places we can go in this a little prematureity talking about that in this show, but I could see us doing something, I'm fishing. I could see US getting involved with antire railing organizations. I could see when we think about the impact that we can have, it's literally endless. There's no place we can't go. So we got a lot of work out of us in the good news is it's fun work, it's visually pleasing, it's socially entertaining and it does good. You know, for me this is like my new favorite hobby. This is what I want to do. If I could do this all day, every day, this is what I would be doing. That is awesome. Me Too, I love making mermaids and making art for the ocean. So my next question actually bridges to the sustainable development goals by the UN. So I can see that number six is skiming water and sanitation, and number fourteen is life below water and about. That's super awesome because, you know, our vision aligns with the U Sustainable Development Goals. What are your thoughts about that? That's actually awesome. It's funny because we didn't go out seeking to align with anything. We just wanted to do what we wanted to do and knowing that, you know, there's already something that we're aligned with, I think that's awesome. It just means that we're, you know, flowing in the right path with the universe right and I just want to throw a little joke in. There was something little funny when Brent was talking. I was shaking my head, but I was also have this inclination to like tap my my house. So, you know, I've been on clubhouse way too much because I just wanted to tet my mic. I've been doing that this entire time. It's so funny. I literally been doing that too. Yeah, so follow us on clubhouse. We're on Clubhouse as Cyber Mermaid that's plural, cyber mermaids, and our website as well, and we definitely look forward to, you know, connecting with all kinds of artists out there and individuals that want to help us with this cause. Thank you. So you can go to link, treat the dope, see find us. Thank you, friends, hands Alianka too. Welcome to show. This is fun, this is awesome. We Fun. Yeah, we're just we're just tactics in our club house voices, because this is why they's starting. Wise. So funny. Is Like when you're on club pals, you know you sometimes people introduce himselves a lot. Reds Michelle. Yes, my name is Michelle. I'm Ben speaking, or just as Michelle. I'm complete. Oh my God, I had to hold myself back from saying that. And we are the joke, see, and we are complete, the dope, dope, don't see, and it will have a song about that too, for sure, because brand is writing that song. See, and we are complete. Dope. WHO COMPLETES ME? I'm a saying... completes me to I'm not going to smoke about Sushi. No, that's so shit. Sustainable Sushi's okay, oh my gosh, Bento boxes. That's what it's going to be nice. You know what's funny about that show, that Bento box show. We went to. What the host? You know, he's an impressive guy. Obviously he's got a following. He's been the CEO of large companies and his accomplish a lot and this is kind of his hobby right, which is awesome. I mean it's actually a really cool project's hungry. Yeah, I know talking about it's hungry, but it was funny, like in the show talk about the mic tapping thing, like people would say stuff that resonated with me, and so I'm tapping my mic and the CEO Guy, the guy running the club room, he thought I was trying to get his attention. He's No, I've seen that you've been tapping your mic. I would you like to say something. And I didn't have to hurt to tell him what that meant. But yeah, that that work on the dot say and that's not supposed to h fish. I didn't tell him that. I wanted you. I was thinking it. Now we can be as laborating with him. It will be funny. Mental boxes and the dope say. That's a perfect combination. It's a pretty good combination, because what do you think mermaids eat? Don't know, they don't eat hermit crabs. I've seen that in a movie somewhere. They're friends with the hermit crabs, but they've got to eat something. Maybe they eat octopus thing because they're magical. Oh, they absorbed their energy from Zeus's thing, whatever you call that. Try to particles from the sea made be plankton. They're like whales. What do you give them? Me Suck on that, because I don't think anyone e US know the ancestor to it. You know, it's so funny. I was researching mermaids and came across I wasn't looking for this, but I came across like an article that tried to answer the question that somebody asked, which was how do mermaids reproduce and and they went into this like really long biological discussion of relating it to exactly how fish do it. So they lay eggs and then the mail mermaid comes and fertilizes them and then it talks about other things. It was really funny. I'm I can't believe I'm reading this. So, yeah, we should consider doing an adult swim on mermaid reproduction. Okay, let's do more research in the Mermaid so that we can talk about it more intelligently. What time? All right, cool, all right, home work has been given well mark. For anyone who's listening to this episode. If you have any idea about what mermaid eat and holiday we woulduce, please like a comment below and we'll check it. Thank you. Thank you, a Yanka bread. You Welcome. Thank you for having us, Michelle. Thank you, bye, bye, bye bye. See You, guys,.

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