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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Starting Y on Questions, Schedules and Why Countdowns are still EXCITING


Our Intro is based on Quantum Jazz’s piece “Orbiting a distant planet”, published under Creative Commons

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· Michelle, a radio, and podcast host based in Silicon Valley. She is a lawyer by training and has been working in and with many startups, especially fintech and blockchain. Currently she is working for several non-profit organizations and startups. Michelle is the host of the Stanford Radio Show “Laptop Radio (Wednesdays 2-4 PM)”, which is also available as a podcast ( You can learn more about Michelle here:

· Jörn is a podcaster, startup scout and entrepreneur, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a background of more than 12 years of management consulting, with a focus on financial services and capital markets, mainly in Europe. He hosts an English startup podcast, covering the German startup scene ( You can learn more about Jörn “Joe” here:

· Hint: Here is his “Cook Instagram Account”

In this podcast episode we are talking about ebay auctions, countdowns, questions and our schedule for the remainder of 2021.

“Ebay is stil fancy” Michelle Tsing

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This is the starting why podcast. Here we ask entrepreneurs, actors, investors in the nat up and artist on the why, why they are doing what they are doing, what motivates and drives them and why can't they stop? We will start in five hundred, four, three two one. Yeah, it is so for some for some reason. You know, I love countdowns, you know, like it's just so excessingly funking about them, right, seven, six, five, four, three two one, touchdown. So, so every time I see them, like I get really excited. You know, it's just like almost the the the part is the anticipating part, right, like you're just waiting for something to happen. So there's always a...

...countdown, you know what I mean? Like so there's like a New Year's countdown away. What other countdowns we have? I don't know why we don't have birthday countdown, but we should. And then then we have like Nft, we have genesis countdown. You know, like if, especially when you put an option for twenty four hours, either you have a countdown. He's gonna start it like six seconds. That's pretty much reminded me all the time when Ebay was still fancy and you were getting very close to the end of the bidding time, and there was also countdown of whatever item you want to have, and it was the time. You also got it really excited, right. Yeah, yeah, I love ebased your fancy, by the way, not only because I work there, but you know, I'm a little bit loyal to the projects I'm involved in. So it did you like buy...

...or sell anything on an ebay auction, like last year or this year? Now? I didn't know. I haven't really shop, you know, because like, like there's a time when you know, like it's it's really weird, like I seems like you know, like when you had all the money in the world, you can buy whatever you want. You know, like you just kind of learned that you're like my that your happiness is not really dependent on the material thing that you have, and then when you have too much, your house gets clattered. So I turned I tried to be like minimalistic. I though I do have a lot of shoes and I have smiling again. That also explains why you big Fan of project runaway. Yes, and then I also have a lot of books, so I actually have a library in my house because I love books. So I'm both like fashionable and Nerdy at the same time, which confuses a lot of people, you know,...

...because like when you look at me in the way that I dress, it doesn't look like I understand anything. However, I just had to kind of warn you that I have, I built a full library in one of my rooms, so literally had books about everything, and I love books, you know. I do have a digital collection as well, with like thousands, thousands of books and I have audible. So and I'm really sophisticated because, like I have an Amazon fire but also have a normal kindo and I use those things for for two different, you know, purposes. Like if I like I love literature, I love poetry, so I would use the Kindo to read it, just for the art of style, right, and the story, you know. And then I have the Amazon fire, which I use it to listen to business books, because the business books were just more substance, you know, the writing description is really different there. They... know, they don't write business books in the style of Stephen King, right, they just like saying, I think business start books. Those are more just really direct to the point. So well, I think at one point I was very like disappointed by twilight and the way that was written. I love the story, but I thought the doctor description and everything could have been more detailed. I do like the movie, though. I'm so like for someone who actually love books, loosure and poetry and, you know, like love the business side of everything. You know, I think having two kindos is like perfect. Yeah, so I have collection of books and I collection issues. I also do have a lot of books. One of the reasons is I love books. Another reason is I used to have an antiquarian book still, which didn't work out, and I wow a lot of the...

...books. But actually I also do have very rare books, like the collected works of contrative. He was a Russian economist who let the ground work for discovering the business cycle and stuff like that, and it well, books you bairely get somewhere else, and it's basically I do have a few books in Spanish, but my Spanish is far from good enough to really read them. Well, I have a handful of books like where you have on left hand side you have characters in Chinese and on the right hand side you have the English writing. They work from me and of course German and English books, a lot of them, and actually I have like half a room covered with bookshelves at my mother's place because I never could have for the place big enough... and Frankfort to house them. And I have a very tiny bookshelves, the people who watch my videos on Youtube know, just behind me in my study here. But actually I would say that's less than five percent of the books that I own. It's just the ones I like to keep at hand because it's also the type of books we can look something up when Google doesn't give you any good results. Yeah, it's like that's awesome. Oh, by the way, Google doesn't give you any good results. We want to have the best result from our guests and we talked before that will be open to suggested questions from our audience. Basically, how would the people reach us and what types of questions were questions are we going to ask you? Twitter...

...handle is a salute Michelle. We have it in the show notes down here and people can tweet you questions or suggestions for questions. Go ahead and do that. I'm I'll be really excited to actually get comments from from other one and suggestions. Yeah, me too. Mine is Joe Manager, also down here in the show notes, and you can also tweet me a lot of questions, but make sure I know it's part of starting why it's actually is there hashtag sudden? Why? I think so. I mean, we should check this out before, because I have once had a very bad experience. I was trying a life format together with a friend, like startup stuff, but in German, and we did some live streaming and we did we both sat on a couch with guests and we called it start up couch. So...

...we use the HASHTAG SE FFM for Frankfort Mine, and we had very weird tweets in between until one moment I really plush because I realized, Oh, Seeffm, Swinger Club, FFM. Dang it, oh my gosh, there is, you know. So so basically, we should check how I actually is before. It's not a live and I just think it's kind of funny. We can, we can use it. There's only five. So so people can already tell how thoroughly we do our research life during the recording. Awesome, people. That's not supposed how that's not how you're supposed to be working. Keep that in mind. We just giving you bad example how not to do that. You shall it's really effectives and it's kind of funny, you know, like it's because you was to listen to us, because don't... wanted to know what we're doing at the same time that we're talking to each other and, you know, and then talking about starting why. We just want to make sure that we use our time esficially. That's the best excuse I ever heard. Should never do your homework, I think Jong is like I was having a heart attack as I say this. I know I'm good. The heart attack will follow after the recording. Yes, yes, and if you guys have any questions, do tag me at Salute Michelle and then use Hashtag starting why. And maybe we're read some of these, because this is kind of funny. Like, isn't it kind of fun when when you heard those? Yes, of course. Plus, if you have like good, something good, I also can cook. You can also tech met Joe Manager, also questions, and always use the HASHTAG starting why. So,...

...starting and just to let out why. That's totally fine. They'll be our HASHTAG. And basically, I would say we talked to our guests, which don't necessarily need to be dward, nurse, I think, artists, authors. They'll all be totally fine. But we should ask them why they started, and no just Oh, I saw a problem and then I just did it. I think we should dig a little bit deeper here, don't you think so? Yeah, I totally agree with you. And if you wish out to us as starting at starting why, I will basically give you a call only where you can basically but the interview with us and will be happy to host you exactly. or You could just tweet us. Salute Michelle or Joe. Manager started why. Hey, I want to be your guest.

HMM, Oh, Yo, we should talk also. Fine, yeah, yeah, I think, I think that would be I think that would be cool. And then we want some we have some times on Friday, so you know, if you guys are interested or all, sent you the link and we can start interviewing folks on the show. Yeah, that will be great, and I do believe we will build like a little back clock of interviews and get really into publishing like after Labor Day, so when it gets cold outside again and people spend more time in front of their fire TV, in front of walking around with podcasts or listening to podcast or stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, that sounds like perfect. So please do which out to us if you want to be interview about your project. You know,... don't have to be entreprenter or you know, or do a start text startup. You know, we do welcome own one, as long as you have a story to tell and you start a project, because we know that starting something is very hard and it could be challenging and we want that process to be easier for you and we wanted to learn from each other. So, you know, feel free to Ping us if you wanted to share your story. Yeah, I would be also interested like interviewing people who started NGO's. Yeah, nonprofits and, you know, any projects. Yeah, I'm super excited actually. Yeah, because why? Why? Okay, okay, I'll do an you tell any tell me why. Okay. So, seven, six, five, four, three, two one. Why are we excited? I always want to talk to people setting up an NGO and...

...what actually drives them, because it's like a hell lot of work in when people invest so much energy and time, they could also do like a lot of very different stuff and it's always interesting to like hear the story of personally why they are the way they are. Awesome, awesome, and completely, completely, completely, agreed. Okay, John I think. I think we got the message of crowd us. So everyone will basically speak with us and packing us and will basically interview and chat with people in the community, yes, in the global community. So wherever you're listening to this, wherever you're from, if you free to reach out to us. If you don't have a twitter account, just drop us in the email. will also have the email down here in the show notes. Okay, perfect. Thank you John.

Thank you, Michelle. Wait, let's talk about you. Oh, let me do a countdown and then we'll say bye. Okay, today is countdown day. All right, five, four, three, two, one, bye, bye, bye. I.

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