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Episode 13 · 11 months ago

Christmas Episodes – Our Highs and Lows of 2021


Our Intro is based on Quantum Jazz’s piece “Orbiting a distant planet”, published under Creative Commons

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  • Jörn is a podcaster, startup      scout and entrepreneur, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a      background of more than 12 years of management consulting, with a focus on      financial services and capital markets. He hosts an English startup      podcast, covering the German startup scene ( You can learn more about Jörn      “Joe” here:

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This is a starting why podcast. Here we ask entrepreneurs, actors, investors in the native and artist on the why, why they are doing what they are doing, what motivates and drive them and why can't they stop? We will start in five hundred four three to welcome, to start why, this is Joe and Michelle. Here we are withhing you and everyone a happy holidays. Hey, Joe, Ho Ho Ho man. Sorry, very Christmas. I couldn't avoid to do that. I always wanted to welcome to US Christmas. Yeah, I'm really excited. I can't believe is holidays, you know, coming in soon, right now. I mean not soon, but in a few days. Yes, exactly, and it's also interesting. It's it's also a little bit be late our first birthday off the starting white podcast, because we published the first episode just with the two of us on Thanksgiving two thousand and twenty. So it's more than a year. Oh Wow, we should definitely do a week cap of the entire year. Maybe not today. I do know how it is for you, but it feels like like there's a big mountain you have to climb and and the real peak is exactly before the holiday. So when you feel like stressed or worn out on thanksgiving. There is still a lot to go and that's totally crazy. People are still calling me totally crazy. They want to get stuff done before the holidays, within two, three four days, and it's everything needs to be either done exactly before the holidays or at the first working day in the New Year. So people are a little bit crazy, but I don't know how you feel about it. I'm kind of getting used to it. I'm feeling good. I've you know, I've been traveling, so, you know, a lot of what I've done is just really seen a lot of the community. You know, some I'm kind of like, kind of glad to really be with the community. I'm excited about the holidays, you know, and be able to talk to my knees enough fews, so I'm not that stressed out. And you know, it's the weather in California has been pretty Nice, you know, and it's always good to see family. Oh, I see. First Point. You you need to talk about the community, because most of the people out there listening they don't know you as well as I am when you talk about the blockchain and FT community Europe. Oh that's right. Oh yeah, so, so I'm enought Crypto blockchain defy expert. I don't want to say use the word expert because I feel like he did. I know, but in the last ten years or so the expert has been overused in this use to show that person is an expert in Crypto. But you know, like if someone is new to Crypto, they're still called themselves expert because because they you know, I don't know that there's a lot of people in the community, in the blockching community, who just wants money, and it is a very different ethos, you know, and into when I when I say expert, I just mean, you know, I've been in the space for a long time. I was in payments for six years and you know, and it and certainly in the Internet space for for our more than ten years, probably more than ten ten years, you know. And so in Crypto, you know, like two thousand and thirteen we have we had a conference. You know, cofounded digital Wallet Company. You know, a cofounded another company. You know, buys a number of different companies and as a mentor at different accelerators. So that's what I mean. And hang out with the community means, you know, I was at money two thousand and twenty in vegas in October, and then then I was in New York for New York and of t New York and why see, you know, and then in Miami for for Miami Art Basil and just just different blockchain community, just meeting everyone that I've met and spoke with for the entire year on clubhouse, almost a year, and really, you know, just listening to people and...

...seeing what their challenges are, how we could help and and how people could collaborate and with that. That's why I meant community and it's been it's been really, really sweet. I in Miami, I was showing people Meta verses and speaking about how to about the ocean. How about we had a nonprofit that basically sells mermaid and of teas for Ocean awareness, you know. So we collaborate it with n oft blue on that and we personalize and make five Mermaids, one for each female leaders and influencer, you know, and I'm really, really proud of that because it's kind of Nice to see mermaids personal finding, you know, woman leaders who care about the world that we lived in and the ocean, which is a big part of the world. So I'm just super excited and it's kind of excited to actually see family, you know, even though I'm little bit careful because of covid and in the virus and everything. The second point I want to make. Obviously the weather is good here in California, so no December Tornados there, and I was almost as extensively traveling as you did. I went two times to my mother's place. Oh Wow, YEP, yep, I know, appressive right. Well, I was actually looking back now. This is my first year of being an entrepreneur and looking back right now, maybe starting in January two thousand and twenty one wasn't the best of times to start really your own company. In though. It was digital and I had to really fight and pivot a few times until I found something that that really could work. But eventually towards the end of the year, around made of November December, it starts to look really good and it kind of made me look better. Back in the year, though, I had some really rough times. Are Yeah, but do you think that if you start in the year be better, because I feel like you know better? Yes, different. I mean yea if you were in Diepe. But but I know forecasts are always, always difficult, especially concerning the future. So no big forecast here, but I think the next year will be much better, and that's also a time around Christmas that I use for reflection and planning. I'm basically for everybody doesn't know that Germany is almost completely shut down from December. Twenty four, which most days are already off. Most shops will only be open until like two PM and then they close. Twenty five and twenty six are public holidays, what you may call bank holidays, and at the same holds true for the thirty one. Most people are off work, shops are on the open half a day mostly, and January first is again a public holiday. And in two states in the south, button Wooton back and Bavaria. You know, munichue struck got this area with big companies. They also have a public holiday on January sixth. So the most people right now in Germany, they will disappeared, they will go on vacation sometime during this week. We were calling this on the twenty of December, and they will only reappear to work on January ten. I'm really using this time and I'm also taking off. I can remember how long ago I had such a long time off around Christmas. That is awesome, yere, most of the time I'm planning to spend with my family and meeting all friends. You know, friends who moved away and then they return to their family for Christmas and then it's a time to meet and of course that there's a lot of family traditions and family gatherings to attend, and the Times in evening, in the evening and at night. I used to think about war one right, war one wrong. Wouldn't I learn if? Of course, from everything that went wrong, but everything that went well is also something... need to learn. Why it went well? Did you do something or you just got lucky? I also tend to catch up on all your books reading like the Christmas edition of the economists, and I usually invest in a few books for holiday reading list. I find some way on the Internet and if everything is going well, I'm usually through the holiday reading list sometime beginning of April and of April. Wow, you're so good. Well, most people are trying to be through after the holidays, but that's it. I'm also checking with if been planning for the last year and what I achieved. For example, I tried really hard to get the business model started with a start operated. I all focused on sponsoring and advertising in this just didn't work out because they're not enough companies here in Germany who want to do that. They usually start their own podcast. Then they realize, Oh look, we only have fifty downloads in in half a year, so let's try it down again. Okay and yeah, they don't understand that if they sponsor, if they invest in another podcast to all the money and time will pay off much, much better. They will have a much better return of investment on investment. But they just don't understand it. And then I had to try and try and try, and now I'm almost completely working as a startup scout and consultant. My audience may have noticed that. For celebrated at all. I only published most of the time one, one episode a week. They used to be two episodes weak and I'm using the money to build up like a scalable startup business and as of now, for start operation, we almost signed up onzero people in in something like five weeks. Congratulations. I think Joe do did really well to share, even though he said that he has start the start up in two thousand and twenty one. You know, I think. I think he did well. I mean thank you. Yeah, and by the way, there will be many people listening to this interview on startup dot radio. That is the Internet radio station I'm also running. Of course, laptop radio is a big part of that. Starting why is a part of that. Start up break that I oh, it is a part of that, but also a lot of other podcast like tech dot, you pay part and many, many others. And basically it. This was also going pretty well because we started really from scratch. I just wrote a blog post, included the player and had a back end which was playing and there was no advertisement, money spent, just word of mouth, just social media sharing. And now in February actually, I started the Internet radio station on Valentine State. Yeah, yeah, but I took us the evening for wife. But basically that was it and we started with like serial listeners and now we are around three and a half thousand people listening a month. Wow, awesome. Yep, that went pretty well and we really hope this. This is just to start. Yeah, I think I think everything, everything has been going well, like it's been a year of blessings. Yep, yeah, sometimes blessings in disguise, but blessings. Yeah, yes, definitely wasn't in disguise. Yes, I'm actually you know, one of my traditions I haven't told a lot of people when up when I'm reflecting on like the last year and planet for the next year, I'm actually sitting outside on the balcony, preferably when it's snowing. Yes, of course I'm wearing a thick jacket, I have a few plankets over me and all that stuff, but I usually smoke like a really old school pipe. HMM, that is really good and really relaxing. And actually I have a neighbor who doesn't live too far away and she always says, HMM, the Pieche bag smells really good. What kind of they were? Oh, that very, very, very different ones. They are the ones who don't really smell nice to other people but taste...

...good. And then they're the ones that smell really nice and they take in this also smell good for other people. For example, Christmas edition. It has taste. It smells a little bit like baking cookies, Vanilla Caramel, stuff like that. That's beautiful. Wow, I want to say that traditions. You have traditions? No, I don't have any conditions at all. Really has a funny time. Yeah, this funny time. Family opening presents, you know, and that's about it. That's well, you know that that's all already a very good point. I mean, you have a family, you get presents, check, check, everything's fine. Yes, yes, very grateful, you know, just saying my knees and nephews happy, seeing my parents and sisters and brothers. That's all I need, you know, nothing else. No traditions, do you this year of Covid, like really gather physically in one place, or you visit some people and do some hang out, some calls and stuff like that? Yeah, I think I'm going to do more zoom calls this year because of Covid and the the variant has increased dramatically. So I definitely do not want to see anyone. So I think I'm going to do like instagram hang outs and zoom and things like that just to keep in touch. I see. How about how about you? Yeah, there, but they're very it has has has increased dramatically in the US, especially in New York, and it doesn't sound safe to go out anymore. I'm not sure. Well, think is I don't go out that often. Right now. For one reason, there is not a lot of stuff to do right now, and the second reason is we don't have a toddler boy and it's really hard to get out there. And the last reason is when I go out, it's usually for stuff like visiting my mother, shopping groceries, shopping something else, or going going to the playground with the kid. That's it. Oh Wow, yeah, yeah, you have to tune down your life quite a bit. Yeah, but that's good. Those peaceful and you have a family just start or that you're starting, you know, and this that family and extended family. That's the most important for the holidays. Yes, you know, and over the last couple of years, especially in the last two years, is you know, remember that there's a lot of people who've passed away because of Covid, you know. So it could be hard, you know, for people during the holiday season. Hmm, yes, totally, just remembering them it. Yeah, I also, unfortunately, you know, a few people who passed away from covid. They'll be missed. Yeah, I have a have a facebook friend who just passed away because of covid. His wife just also passed away this year and he was fine. He was tilveling with his son and everything else, and then all sudden, you know, there's a message on facebook from his son that his dad has passed away because of covid. So you know, and I remember him, he was really happy all the time. He was part of my laugh, my laugh club. So there's a club that we used to purchase a pate and all people do is they just laughed. So you just joined the zoom and or skype and all you do is laugh. It's some make you feel happy. And you know, he would join that club and he would laugh and he would share everything on facebook and he's, you know, really sweet. You know, and you know all certain you know he'd he died because of covid. So yeah, it's kind of sad. Yep, it is. It totally is. Hopefully that will soon be over. But I just saw an interview with Pisa executive who said, well, Karuna a covid will become more or less the norm, like the feet flu in two thousand and twenty four. And I also and I also thought about that. Hmm, that means until then a life will not be back to complete normal. Wow, that's said two thousand and twenty four. That's that's like, what for more? Three more years? Oh, yeah, it's a lot of time and I really hope he's wrong there. Yeah, well, I mean he has interest in sewing these that scene so that they could...

...make money, right. I mean, you know, hopefully someone has the interest of the population is wellness, you know, because it can't. We can't sustain ourselves with these that scene. We need to find a solution so we don't have to take these every couple months. You know, that's not a solution. That's just a banding and hopefully, you know, there's some kind of solution where we don't have to be afraid of these viruses anymore. Yep, I think it will only work if most people's most people get vaccinated, or they just survive a covid in fact, hopefully with like almost no symptoms or no symptoms at all, but that's most likely the way. Hmm, I think we got two very depressive part of the last year, right, but yeah, let's let's talk about them more positive size of last of the previous year. So, you know, I think your company has been your shrift's been doing well. You know, I've been it's been kind of cool to work with you on that and the radio starting why I started, you know, which I'm super excited about. And what else? What other blessings? You know, we both have our family and friends. Well, I got I got to spend a lot of time with my family. Yeah, you spent a lot of time with your family. I also spent some time with my family. I'm really grateful for their life. I met a lot of friends on Clubhouse, I think the share, because last year I was just spending the entire time to myself and by myself. On clubhouse, at least you can talk to people. And then, you know, I was I wanted to build this share, like to actually make stuff, you know, and that happened, even though I went through so many companies that I started. You know, it was it was at least kind of fun, even though a lot of them didn't work out, to try. And why didn't it work out? Well, I was the I was the CEO, Sophia Dow, you know, and because of values, I resigned from that, and then I co founded a company, commet x are, and that didn't work out either. You know, my cofounder like you know, like it. Yeah, there were some some stuff there and then, you know, then like and then either then a few other companies and I literally just wanted to be part of a company and just just wanted to built right. I wasn't, you know, I just want to make things happen because last year, you know, like you're asked, I said I was just making a lot of commentary reality, staying at home, working with an exchange company with you know, with their securities commission, you know, and that's about it, right. So they'll, you know, a lot of the companies, ad guys were doing well, you know. So I'm just wanted to create stuff this year and deal the year. I mean, it turn out well at the end and and you know, I do a lot of metavers company though, since since February. It was good experiences. So I you know, I'm not you know, and I took you know, you always take risk when you'll work with teams, you know, or else you just kind of find company by yourself. With teams, you know, there's always dynamics and different things. So, yeah, it's been kind of it's been kind of fun, kind of really love what I'm doing right now and you know, I love both of the teams I'm working with, you know. So and some of the companies I've been advising ha been awesome too. So yeah, I'm pretty grateful, I must say. And I remember you. You were also trying to start a VC. Yeah, I was part of a VC a. You know, I was part of a fun that's base in Canada, you know, and and you know with that, I actually love that, that one because something, some personal reason. But you know, I have vice, I have vies, the fun and I woke with other companies, or fun like companies anyway. So so, yeah, it's been like an interesting year. It's so, so interesting, you know, and it seems it seems so funny because like if you're when you're in...

...the middle of it, it's like, Whoa, what's happened? But then, like, I think, you know, it's kind of like blessings in this guy's you know, because you kind of like learn a lot about you and yourself and what you like, what you don't like, you know, who you can work with, who you can work with, you know, things like that. I mean, you know, as a woman, some of the some of the challenges that I face are some then some men feel like undermined by me, you know, and it's kind of it's kind of interesting because, like I feel like, you know, I'm been part of a sports team, you know, do out my life, and you know, when you're working at when you're playing in a sports team, it's not about who's CEO or who's not CEO, right. You just want to work together and win and and focus and concentrate on a game, you know. So I was in the Batminton team, I was in the pool team. You know, I was in like different teams, and so, you know, when I want to when you start companies, you have to have like a team player mentality as well, like as a individual contribution mentality. I'll see doesn't work. And you know, in some of the companies you know that I co founded, you know, I was kind of toll that I I make, you know, I undermine them, you know, like especially the men, and not all right, like at least one or so. And it's really hard, you know, because like I didn't feel like that was intention, you know, but like I would do something like. You know, I had an intern that like intern that just wants to be part of us. You know, I just refer and it intern could be could be potentially a glad or undermine in action, you know, which I never thought it would be, you know, things like that. So it's a learning curves, learning experience. So bottom line, you also learned a lot this year. Yes, I learned a lot, I built a lot, and then I think there was one time one company out almost like cried because it was so devastated. But, you know, not not devas you know. It was funny because like more devastate, devastated because you know, I love I love the the podjact. It's actually Sophia. I Love Sophia Right and I love the ideals of her of open ai and and you know, I think I might have that designed the you know, the path, the NPT platform and everything. And you know, I really had believe in in her vision of helping the world, allowing people to open, to use AI. That's open source, you know. And you know remember when I, you know, we signed from it, I was just so sad, you know, was like almost like a break up for some reason, even though it was like if hard Jack, but you know, but that's how much I believe in in that the ideal, you know, and that was like super hard for me. Yeah, I learned a lot. I cried. You know, I, you know, put my heart into making things, you know, so I must have lived. That is living, right. Is like when you when you get slapped, slams, you know, and everything else, you still you still walk. You know. Oh, Oh, if you remember, I had to be signed from another team, you know, that I put together. And Yeah, that was hard as well, like I had to get up the next day and then just built and just start building, and I was I remember. I remember I was really sad as well. Maybe maybe I was heartbroken like a couple times this year. And Simes, where's more than one? That is a couple of MORD is, a couple of times. And you know, it so funny because I I mean, Joe, you're CEO, right, and a lot of people who listen or CEOS that, I think. You know, if when you're, you know, one of the top few people who's leading the company, is to thank this job. You know, people don't like you, like if they don't do stuff, they just blame you. Right, so people could blame you for for anything and everything. You know, and and... know, if you start companies before, you know that it's really hard to judge, you know, the leader, because they have to think about tenzero things on the top. You know, it's a lonely job. Is At thankful this job, you know, and people may not understand where you're going or your vision or, you know, things like that, or they might not want to ask. You know, and if they disagree with something, they might just the first person they blame is you, right and and rightfully. So, you know, like because you know you basically are responsible for everything. But if you're the CEO of a successful company and everybody loves you, you doing something wrong, right. Yeah, that's true too. That's true. It's yeah, yeah, it's hard and and so. So it's been an awesome year because you know, you have lived. You know when you when your heart has been broken, you know when you have make heart decisions, and you know you had loved, and I mean you know, like in terms of the companies that you built, and you know, like your family and friends. You know, and you have loved. You know, you don't know, maybe romantically. You've met someone that you think you know, I don't my work whatever. You know, like then then I think that's a good year, right you totally is, even though when at the end of the year you're not completely broke and you still have family and friends. It was already successful year. Yes, yes, and also you have family and friends, you know. And Yeah, and in the community, if you're in the blotching space and you know people who cares about you and and talk to you regardless of how you look like. You know. I mean it's so funny because during Covid I mean we all wear a mask, right, but you know, you can't really go see doctors and dentists regularly or normally. I think we all look like a mess and you can't get haircuts. You know, and if people still talk to you regardless you, then you are loved. Yes, probably true. I'm really also excited to actually see a lot of my friends from clubhouse and also from facebook in person. That was really special to me. When we did the dope see there was an artist that does underwater photography. I was able to meet her in person in New York, even though we try so many times. You know, we foundly met each other the last day before I leave and I was able to, you know, talk about the ocean with her and you know and why we care about the ocean. So I was really grateful for that and then I was really grateful for like when I was in Miami, I was able to meet a lot of my friends whom I met on Clubhouse, you know as well. You know. So I kind of really appreciate, you know, all that because, you know, it's always a people people first, you know, than anything else, you know, but because because that's what our lives is about and to really understand and get to know people. I think that's pretty awesome, totally. You know what, I would also like to hear from our audience how the year has been going and who would have the expectations have been met and where they have been totally wrong. We will put down here in the show notes not only our twitter count from starting Y, but also our anchor dot FM website where they can leave us voice messages and if enough people leave voice messages, we can totally edit them together for another episode. Right. Yes, that will be awesome. I'm actually to enter this recording kind of on the high tone. I just found this quote. We else try to stick to the four main food groups Candy, Candy Canes, Candy, corn and Syrup. Body M it's great to hear you laugh. Oh my God, I know you're always so...

...funny. I mean this guy, this guy. So, you know, just do out the whole year. Of course, you know, as someone who takes a lot of risk building companies, I sometimes get into a lot of trouble because of that. Right. And I'll talk to Joe doing the podcast and I enjoy them because ideas is really meet with him and just laugh, you know, and it's is awesome. And I also see his you know, baby photos, photo of his his wife and and everything is a really, really warm, you know family photographs, you know, and it really really enjoy those times when I when I hang out with Joe Because, you know, besides looking at Dak, his Dak and you know, giving advice and and all that stuff we got in his startup is really, you know, I really, really love, you know, like seeing a days on his family and his little boy. This is she's just so adorable. Yeah, she always loss our regular Cosse when little henry walks in and crash, has crash to call just because he wants to say good night and then he has to get up on my desk and look, Oh, who's talking? WHO's talking? WHO's talking? West Picture, West Picture. He knows me, though, right. Yeah, unfortunately he's not really able to speak fluently and not even German and of course not English. But soon, soon, he recognizes your voice. Oh my gosh, he is so adorable. And and if if you haven't followed Joe's instagram yet, I really highly recommend that you do because besides food, photo comes of food, food from photos. There's also photos of I mean, I don't know. There's Pos of his his boys, hopefully one day, but we will see. I do have a lot of cute photos, but I usually don't share them. I know. That's why I said hopefully, because he's so cute. But yeah, but we want him to be safe. We want we wants a cute boy to be safe. Yeah, so we do. But but you can enjoy the the food. Yes, I don't know. I just want to go to burl and just a taste of Mo these food. My Gosh, it's amazing. Yeah, one of the were not the things. I Oh, Brandy Punch, burnt punch. You ever seen that? No, no yet. It's basically have something shaped like a cone, like a little pyramid, out of sugar, you pour over a lot of high percentage rump, like high alcohol percentage underneath you have something like Mald wine and then you just set this cone on fire and let the caramelized sugar drop into that. That is one of our family traditions, but it's totally common here in Germany. Fo yet sung in Booloo. Wow, that sounds possive, by the way. By the way, I want to, I need I have something to tell you. Yeah, so don't Thanksgiving I hang out my brother and we were driving, we had a road trip and along the road trip we want to a few cities for and tea shops and we want to this place, and there was a Germany, a German shop, and I have some like German pickles that were really good. I was like has spicy m yeah, I know, and then we had we had drinks, German drinks. It was so youungy. I think we might actually go there again. Yeah, that would be cool. What it would I really like. Sorry, we always get into food here, but I also really likes Christmas being around here. Christmas bear, oh my gosh. Yeah, that's very good. And they did they don't do stuff in it like Shimon or something like this. It's just a little bit stronger, a little bit darker. That's what I really like. M Yeah, there were some. There's some German drinks there at the at the little town as well, and they have pretzels and Sausish and I I oh my gosh, the the prickle pickles are so good. I need to set you that photo. Can you if fry them? Did you try? Good idea. Oh my gosh, I have not used Oh oh, yeah, we need to talk about the air friar, because, yes, we always do. We always do, and I'd be getting on...

...two, two thousand and one. Okay, so I don't cook and doing the pandemic, doing lunch and dinner. I basically goes to a drive to to get food and then, but then it was destroying my skin and so so a friend was just like, you need to get an air friar. So I hashually order one and I was for the first time in my life I had to go to the grocery store doing covid which which is so funny, and and get food and I would not know what to get. So I would literally we articles and like get those suggested food like directly, like you know, just just basically whatever that they recommended. And I did that and and I did that for a couple months. You know, I was a I was an air fire expert. I even are you stopped. And then I stopped. And why? Well, because because the restaurants are now open. So I literally stopped once to the different restaurants. And I mean it's not a lot of choices, right, but you know, like there's Jen is a Korean Barbecue restaurant. I've been kind of going too. Is all you can eat, so that's open, so I would kind of go there, and then tackles. There's a tackle restaurant that I would meet my friends on Saturday. So that's where I would go, and then I'll I was I was watching yesterday. I was watching NFL together with a friend and I made in Chee Datas. Oh my God. Yes, and and my our for our audience, you can press now the break the pause button, get something to eat, get a snack and join us again. You're back. Oh Great, okay, go ahead. Yes, so we, as you know, we both love food and you know, I'm really excited right now for some reason, especially talking about food, even though our first part of discussion was a little bit differs. But in my army there were there were a lot of really good Subachan and Spanish food. So I'm just thinking about those kind of food right now, as we talked. But so I have not been using the air fire because I've been traveling a lot and I've been eating at different places as a result. So, but, but I wanted to I'll wall send you the jar of pickles and I think, but the thing is it's not from Germany, it's from Australia. So I was kind of disappointed about that, but I still wanted to send it to you so that you can check it out. It's actually really good. It's it has really awesome spice to it. Yeah, spicy, yes, yes, I I yeah, that the town, that town was a was pretty. It's a small, little quinch quaint town. I actually want to you know, I think everyone would laugh at me. I went to a quilt shop to look at different types of quils and how they're made. I think, I think someone bought the shop, so it won't be there next year, but you know, at least I was really excited about that shop because I've been kind of into quilts for some reason for the last year. You're in half to hyperdation. It is really nation. Okay, I see what, I kind of love, you know, like it just I just love to look at them because they're so homey, you know, like it's, you know, like you know, it's like quilt. Write. A quilt is made out of like different scratch material fabrics and you stitch them together. Yeah, you stitch them together, you know, but I basically have a have a blanket that's made out of place, a quilt, you know, blanket. But you know, like for me I just felt really, you know, home. You know, when I see it right like I'm at home and the warmth of a home and you know, like you know what I mean, like it's not so informal. I kind of like that homey feeling. I guess I don't know, I don't know what it is. Is Very country is at the same time, but it just kind of remind me of the feeling of like home, you know, like when you go out and you travel and you come home, you know, and and TSA or someone would say welcome home, you know, or like you just got home and then your friend would say welcome back. You know. It is that feeling of home. So, like if you have a quilt on your bed,... you go to your room. You know, is that that feeling that your home, you're in a safe place, your comfy. You know, and and I wish that everyone, you know this dance giving has that feeling of safety of home. You know, no matter where you are and who you're with, and you know you have that comfort. Totally valid wishes food the next year, being home, feeling comfy, secure, safe with with else? Are You wacious? Are also plans for next year? Sunshine, next year I'm thinking about. You know, I don't have New Year's resolutions or plans. Really. I do. I need to start running again because I spent such a lot of time with my family and no time running. And I'm reading now moving around a big belly. Yeah, that's something definite. All the good cooking, uh Huh. there. Yeah, for me, I think I want to go. I think one of my goal it from to two thousand and twenty one was was it two thousand and twenty? Maybe it was two thousand and twenty. See, I don't remember my years anymore because I feel like it's been two years the pandemic. But in two thousand and twenty, early two thousand and twenty, I wanted to dance again and then covid happened and we have a lockdown and two thousand and twenty one is still almost similar. No one really goes dancing because of the variance and because of the virus. So I think hopefully, hopefully, things are going to open up where its actually safe to do you know, because I do a lot of partner dancing, like blues and Salza but Chata and stuff like that. So, you know, I'm hoping to be better at or Orange Argentine tangle. So hopefully, hopefully, I can go dancing again safely. That's one of my my goal. Yeah, my biggest goal is to find a capable baby Shiitter so I can go out with my wife. Yay, yes, all goes. I know, no, fine one and I think a no. then. Another thing that during coded, I mean for the last year's I think my coading got a lot better. You know, I was like coding a lot doing hibernation, you know, with like I'm inte reality, and also with you know, I basically did a bunch of languages. You know, I did bash, I did do Paircss, but I did that like in twenty, in two thousand and nineteen. So this share I did at the DU JS. I did, you know, Bash, you know I did. I did a even solidity blockchain. You know. So, I mean I'm just kind of look forward to growing in in my coding languages, you know. So I'm excited about that. So you believe that having the ability to quote a certain coding language will be as important as speaking a language? I believe so. You know, like for me, I started a coding for fun, you know, like I was just I mean, I code it when I was in college, right. You know, what just popped into my mind to people who don't speak the same language and they try to talk in code. That's completely possible, though. That's possible, you know. I mean I was taking my knees and nephew how to code and they're like, my niece is only five years old. HMM. And if they can, if they could code, learn and speak the language, right, and you know, and you know, imagine them coding with even someone older, someone from another country. It's completely impossible. Sounds pretty good. Well, my goals are to get my startup successful, successful, up and running at least MVP, and I hope to get at least five thousand people signed up on the waitlist. So if you have not signed up on Joe's weightless for his start up, you should consider it. Go down here in the show notes. It's called start up Ravencom and we will the website down there. Yeah, help him out because he's been working really, really, really not hard on it and he's just been eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of beer. So you can help him out by signing up. That would be awesome, just cheasy. I know you cannot see it, but I'm smiling. I'm so not chasing you.

Okay, okay, okay, I think. I think it's been a lot of fun working with Joel Dis yere. I am looking forward to an awesome year next year, and we may also tell our audience that we going to publish, actually before this recording is going life, we're going to publish the interview with the founder of solar with said, instead of the s Berlin based company that is renting out solar panels to install on your roof and they just race twenty million years in venture capital, and between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we will publish the interview with Lucca He. You may have heard about challenger banks or neo banks like and twenty six. RANT HE CO founded a company called Penta. He is all. He already left the company. He was bought out by Philipp and basically what they're doing. They offered this similar service to and twenty six, but not for we take clients, but more for SMS, especially startups, and last data I've gotten they have fortyzero customers. Wow, beautiful. Yep, and they'll be an interview with him. He's now in Miami started a little VC fund called index health. Awesome. That's the two interviews coming up and I already scheduled a third interview. And if any interesting person out there would like to be interviewed, to reach out to us, especially on out with account right. Yes, yes, please, do reach out to me, or me or job, which you all right? Well, we're just playing with grammar now, Jr. I we do. Wait, Jo Jo, wait, wait, Michelle, Joe, Michelle, Joe, Jojojo. You. We are really serious about our podcast, because, yeah, you can hear it right. We believe you know why you start. Why you start? Wait, wait, why you start? What you start? You say that. I'm sure. Come on, admitted you had some pepper my tea, right, I did not why you start what you start. Why you start? Why you start? Why are you start what you start? Wait, why are you start? How you start? Wait, wait. Why are you start where you start? Why you started it? Why you start what you start is it's awesome. It's so awesome. So just to please do contact us, you know, so that we can chat with you about why you start what you start. Hmm, now that we got this straightened out, I just want to wish you merry Christmas, happy New Year. Happy Holidays, foolish of Vina and watch and Snow Ya how to tell the day's.

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